14 Things You Can Buy At Target That Will Help You Sleep Better ASAP

I'm pretty open about my awful sleep habits, but it would be nice to feel rested sometimes. When I spend so much on food and clothing, it's hard to justify ignoring my body's exhausted cries for help. Even though prescription medication helps my sleep problems, I'm always open to other solutions — especially if it involves a trip to Target, which is arguably the most calming and relaxing place on our planet. Sleep aids you can buy at Target run the gamut from supplements, to extremely cozy PJs, to other items you probably wouldn't expect. Admittedly, loving Target is probably one of the most unoriginal and uninspired things that any millennial can admit to. But the store has it all, including unexpected products that can help you fall asleep.

If you're having chronic sleep problems, it could be a good idea to talk to a medical professional about potential solutions. But if you just struggle to relax enough to snooze, these purchases could help you get in the mood. You may not even need to buy anything — the National Sleep Foundation says that simply washing your sheets regularly and keeping them fresh can improve your sleep health — but if you've been thinking about spoiling yourself a bit, these products are worth a try.

Relaxation Essential Oil