14 Small Things That Are Worth Spending Money On

Life is full of tiny inconveniences. At first these everyday disturbances can seem minor, but over time they can take a psychic toll. Thankfully, the wise people at Ask Reddit have some excellent suggestions of small things that are worth spending money on to greatly improve your home and life. These general upgrades solve many of those small but infuriating problems we frequently face (Oh the suffering!), and may even improve your experience performing daily tasks such as cooking, showering, sleeping, and basic adulting.

The recommended micro-improvements won't take much time, effort, or money — in fact, they can be done all for under $100 — and could make a major difference when it comes to comfort. Never again suffer at the hands of a cover-hogging bedmate, grapple with a sticky shower curtain, or lock yourself out of your home. With these subtle improvements to your home, you can reserve your frustrations for more important things, like politics and the news. With over 16,000 comments, this popular Reddit thread is a wealth of knowledge (and complaints), and the crowd-sourced advice is so valuable. When it comes to life's minor problems, Reddit has got you covered.

You'll wonder how you lived so long without them.


A Screwdriver For Tightening Doorhandles

Doorknobs can get annoyingly loose (especially if you hang purses off of them), but you don't have to be a genius mechanic to secure an annoyingly wobbly handle. By simply tightening the screws on each one, you can have a sturdy doorknob worthy of your grip. This quick task will not only make you feel like whiz at handy work, but it may even improve your quality of life.


An Oversized Comforter

If you hate comforters sliding off the bed, or share a mattress with a cover hog or fluff ball, buying a comforter one size too big is the key to staying warm and comfortable. This brilliant hack has been floating around the interwebs for a while, and is definitely worth shelling out the extra bucks. Turn blanket stealing into a non-issue (without having to buy a separate cover for each of you).


A New Pillow

The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing pillows every two years to avoid neck pain, and I can't stress how important staying on top of this is. Do not feel bad about throwing out those old, lumpy garbage sacks and investing in a supportive pillow, be it memory foam or feather. Whether you are a side-sleeper or prefer to snore on your back, there is a perfect pillow out their for you. With allergy season on the way, you may even consider getting covers for your pillows to keep them dust and pollen free (or wash the bed puffs every six months, at least).


A Curved Shower Rod

The people of Reddit seem pretty impassioned about the curved vs. straight rod debate, and it seems the curved rod wins out every time. The curved rod provides more space in the shower, so you never feel attacked by a moldy piece of plastic, as well as offering a more "modern" feel in the bathroom. Redditors even swear that the curved shape is better at keeping water from leaking out of the shower and on to the floor. Plus, these rods are the same cost as the regular ol' straight ones, so what's not to like?


A Keyless Doorknob

With one of these electronic keypad deadbolts you never have to call a locksmith ever again. There's even one that hooks up to your smartphone, for those tech savvy homeowners.


An Electronic Toothbrush

Take your dental hygiene into the 21st century with a dentist recommended electronic toothbrush. You can brush each quadrant of your mouth equally, and for those that skimp on brush time, there are even models that come with timers to ensure you complete the cleaning cycle. Goodbye manual toothbrush, hello cavity-free mouth!


A Bidet Attachment

Let's be honest, there are some parts of the body that a regular shower can't reach, and that can be incredibly annoying. For that power washed fresh and clean feel, Redditors recommend investing in a bidet toilet attachment. Considered standard fair in Europe and Asia, several companies are bringing these hygienic babies to the U.S., and some model toilet seats even come with a seat warmer for even more comfortable potty time.


A Crock Pot And/Or Rice Cooker

Nothing makes cooking easier than adding ingredients into a crockpot and forgetting about it till its done — and who wouldn't want perfect fluffy rice every time?


A Bathroom Stool

Several Redditors sang the praises of squatting toilet stools, stating that squatting makes using the bathroom faster and more comfortable. Some doctors suggest that the natural posture of squatting may reduce strain while on the toilet, which reduces hemorrhoids — however, this has yet to be scientifically proven.


Paint And Spackle

Doing regular touch ups and adding pops of color or accent walls will make your living space feel bright and cheery. Even the simplest maintenance can make a space feel brand new, so if you need a creative recharge grab a few paint swatches and get to work. Pro tip: adding new light switch covers can make a space feel modern and fresh (and only take a screw driver).


No-Slam Cabinets And Toilet Seats

Safely and quietly shut all your lids by upgrading to these hinge systems.


A Whiteboard

Never forget an item again with these list-maker's dream.


A Good Cast Iron Pan

With an entire thread devoted to Cast Iron cookware, you can't go wrong with one of these classic, resilient pans.


Dimmer Switches

Mood lighting just makes everything better. Period.