14 Stories Of Intuition Between People & Their Pets That Will Melt Your Heart

by Megan Grant

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm sometimes guilty of looking at my dogs like they're stupid little furballs, even though I know they understand things on a deeper level than we might realize. Animals can form astounding connections with human beings; and these stories of intuition between people and their pets is proof of that. It was a conversation recently tackled on Reddit; and after reading through all of them, you'll probably find it hard to deny that there's more going on in their little brains than we tend to acknowledge.

When I think about it, I have experienced moments where my dogs knew something that they purely "sensed." In my own moments of sadness, for instance, Neo — who isn't always the sharpest tool in the shed — stays close to my side and likes to spend even more time than normal sniffing my face. Once he's sniffed to his satisfaction, he quietly sits and watches me, probably waiting to see if I'll do the ugly cry again.

Science will debate whether or not dogs have intuition (or is it just animal instinct?), but nobody knows pets like their owners — and these people will tell you until they're blue in the face: intuition between pets and their humans is real.


Licking Bricks

A parent knows when something's not right, even if there's only the tiniest of clues.


Cats Can Sense Things Too

Sometimes, it's the feline who knows something's up.


There Until The Last Breath

This sweet pooch just wanted to see its human one last time, and make sure it was OK to pass on. Dogs understand these things.


Even Distance Couldn't Keep Them Apart

A few states were nothing for this cat and Grandpa Jack.


Better Than The Weather Channel

These are definitely a couple of cats you want to keep around.


The Last Christmas

Why do I read these things?


The Bright White Light

It's said that when loved ones visit you in dreams, they might be trying to send you a message. That definitely seems to be the case with sweet Rex.


The Most Badass Dog Ever

OK, so maybe this wasn't intuition as much as it was the dog's training; but is that not the coolest dog? P.S. Say no to drugs.


Not A Regular Vet Visit

This owner and their sweet cat got to spend a beautiful day together — exactly as it should have been.


A Seemingly Healthy Tortoise

I need answers. How did the owner know? HOW.


Dogs Who Should Be Doctors

It's truly remarkable how intelligent and intuitive they are.


A Pet Owner With A Hunch

The connection between this human and his dog knows no boundaries.


The Human Who Refused To Give Up

Thank goodness this person never stopped questioning the dog's slightly unusual behavior.


The Constipated Cat

It's so wonderful that this cat is feeling better... and are we allowed to laugh at this a little? Because, ahem, "deshittified."