14 Things Couples Need If They're Moving In Together

If you’re finally planning on moving in together, a definite congratulations is in order. That means you made it past the hardest initial stages: the question-every-text stage, the realization that you like different football teams, and probably a Thanksgiving or two with in-laws. However, a checklist for moving in together is also in order, because while it may feel like it’s going to be one elongated sleepover with your best friend and sexual partner, real and genuine disagreements can arise when two people share the same space.

Even when you deeply love each other, and even though you’ve made it this far, a select few products for couples can help you iron out some of the wrinkles that this new step in your relationship might bring. When someone makes the big move or you get a new place together, extra storage space, combined finances, separate schedules,and differences in personal habits suddenly become very evident. If both parties aren’t careful and considerate, things can get a little bit rough on the home front. Whether you’re thinking ahead, or you’ve already moved in together, check out these products that will vastly improve your relationship, because splitting the rent is the best thing ever.


Set An Alarm Without Waking Your S.O.


iLuv Smart Shaker, $20, Amazon

If you’re on vastly different schedules, the iLuv Smart Shaker syncs up to your phone and ensures that your alarm clock wakes you and you alone. You can set it to 'vibration' and put it under your pillow, so no noises wake your partner, or you can use it as a regular alarm. The battery lasts up to a month on one charge, and it comes in your choice of five different colors.


Charge All Of Your Devices At Once


Jelly Comb USB Charging Station, $27, Amazon

Outlets are a hot commodity in some bedrooms, and the Jelly Comb USB charging station ensures that both of you can charge all your devices at once. Not only does it function as a modern bedside lamp, but it has six USB ports that charge everything from phones to tablets quickly and efficiently.


Split Up Your Drawers In Every Room


Bamboo Wooden Drawer Dividers, $30, Amazon

Consolidating space is a huge one, and with this set of four bamboo wooden drawer dividers, you can split everything from dressers to kitchen drawers. Not only are they durable and expandable to fit any space, but the eco-friendly bamboo keeps things looking sleek, neat, and organized, no matter how tight on space you are.


Make Room For Each Other's Clothes


Ipow Wonder Magic Clothes Hangers, $15, Amazon

Especially if one of you is moving into the other’s existing space, expanding the storage to fit two people can be a massive headache. Ipow Wonder Magic clothes hangers hang vertically instead of horizontally, meaning you can fit as many as six hangers in one spot. They’re made from solid metal, so they can hold a ton of weight, and they keep clothes organized, condensed, and free from wrinkles.


Make Television A Solo Activity When Necessary


SennheiserWireless RF Headphones, $62, Amazon

I can’t sleep, study, or work with the sound of the television going in the background, and if you or your partner agrees, these Sennheiser wireless RF headphones might very well save your relationship. This set comes with noise-blocking wireless headphones, a transmitter, and a charging dock, so television can be a solo activity when the time calls for it.


These Adorably Punny Pillowcases


Cute Bacon and Egg Pillowcases, $31, Amazon

If you just happen to be the punniest couple you know, these adorable bacon and egg pillowcases help you personalize your bedroom in the best way possible — with derpy personified food items. They’re made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, too, so they’re comfortable and high-quality in addition to being hilariously romantic.


Don't Let Two Separate Starbucks Addictions Eat Away Your Savings


Mr.Coffee Dual Shot Espresso System, $66, Amazon

A godsend for both your wallet and your morning demeanor, the Mr.Coffee Dual Shot Espresso System lets you make your favorite lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos from the comfort of your own home — and two at a time. It’s really easy to clean, super easy to use, and ensures that you can spend less money on your caffeine fix and more time together in the AM.


Digitize And Organize Your Shopping Lists And Love Notes


Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad, $130, Amazon

While it’s especially innovative for students and artists, the Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad also has its uses in your couple’s household. It allows you to instantly capture all your handwritten notes and doodles, so you can upload them your phone or Dropbox. This means that both of you always have access to shopping lists, chores, to dos, schedules, and everything else.


Share Music And Videos Without Unplugging Your Headphones


Belkin Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter, $15, Amazon

Perfect when it comes to sharing music or watching videos together, the Belkin Rockstar multi-headphone splitter allows you to plug in up to five pairs of headphones in at the same time. It works with iPods, DVD players, and tons of media devices, so you can listen to the same music on a plane or watch the same movie without irritating your third roommate.


Fit Both Of You Under One Showerhead


A-Flow Expandable Showerhead, $20, Amazon

If you ever find yourself sharing the shower and one of you is left out in the cold, this A-Flow expandable showerhead has a unique design that expands up to twelve inches to widen your stream of water, so both of you are covered. It’s got a sleek chrome finish and it’s super easy to install without any tools, and reviewers have called it luxurious, spa-like, and amazing.


Get On The Same Page With Household Expenses


The Super Fab Financial Planner, $20, Amazon

Combining all your expenses can be a huge relief, or it can be a huge headache. The The Super Fab financial planner helps you track where all your earnings are going, when all your payments are due, and how you plan to repay any loans. The coolest part, though, is it also has goal-setting and motivational prompts to help you two create the life you want together.


Make Your Shared Space Comfortable And Allergen-Free


Graces Dawn Mushroom Ionizer, $28, Amazon

A huge part of moving in together is making the space comfortable for both of you. The Graces Dawn mushroom ionizer not only functions as an eye-friendly reading lamp, but it actually purifies the air of any dust, pollutants, bacteria, secondhand smoke, or viruses. It plugs into any USB port for your convenience, but you can also use it wirelessly on a several-hour charge.


Make Both Cooking Prep And Cleanup A Breeze


Braun12 Cup Food Processor, $130, Amazon

Cooking together can be an incredible bonding experience, so inspire some culinary genius with this Braun 12 Cup food processor. It comes with seven different blades to take care of just about any food prep you can think of — chopping, slicing, whisking, kneading, and even juicing. Best of all, everything except the base is dishwasher friendly, so clean-up is as easy as cooking.


This Adorable Housewarming Gift To Yourselves


ILove You I Know Mugs, $17, Amazon

Whether you’re Star Wars fans or just super secure in your partner’s feelings toward you, these 'I Love You I Know' mugs make a great housewarming gift for yourselves. They’reprinted on durable ceramic mugs that have a cute but modern design, and each set is slightly unique in its own way, so you can share your morning coffee as a unit.

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