14 Things Under $20 For People Who Love A Clean Home


You know what smells amazing? Bleach. Bleach... combined with glass cleaner, and maybe just a hint of carpet shampoo. Oh God, yes. All anyone has to do to win me over is whisper those five magic words: "Let's clean out the oven." If you love making things sparkle as much as I do, you'll be needing these 14 things under $20 for people who love a clean home.

What is it, exactly, that feels so satisfying about making your home spotless? Maybe it's walking past a mirror and admiring how it has not even a single streak. Or maybe it's the feeling of finding a new batch of dust bunnies under the couch that are ripe for vacuuming. Or possibly, just possibly, it's the feeling of victory when you take a bowl out of the dishwasher and don't have to scrape any leftover crumbs off with your fingernail.

Your home is a reflection of you as a person, which is perhaps why some of us are obsessed with wiping fingerprints off the microwave and meticulously scrubbing everything down with a toothbrush. If you like a clean home, these 14 products are both budget-friendly and will help your dwellings shine brighter than a diamond.