14 Walmart.com Home Decor & Must-Haves You Need For Your First Adult Apartment

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Moving into your first adult apartment is a feat and you deserve to celebrate it. But don't celebrate for so long that your forget that after moving comes the next daunting task: learning how to decorate your apartment on a budget. This is your first adult apartment, so there's a chance you're not ready (or willing) to spend a lot of money on decor. Worry not. There are ways to make your space feel less like an empty box and more like a true home without blowing your budget. For starters, take to your computer and begin your search in the Walmart.com home decor section.

While you're looking through Walmart.com best home decor, keep your eyes open for a few things. Affordable home accessories that add personality like this decorative throw pillow or these gold starburst mirrors are stylish additions to make your apartment feel like a home, but you also want a mix of products are functional, too. Create extra storage with these stylish copper baskets and never scramble for kitchen utensils with this complete kitchen set. Trust me — after the excitement of being in your new apartment wears off, these Walmart.com home decor picks will become your new best friend. Read on to see why.

Save Space With An Ottoman That Has Hidden Storage

Costway Folding Storage Ottoman


Since this is your first adult apartment theres a chance you don't have a ton of space, so it always helps to find things that do double duty. This ottoman is an easy way to add extra seating in a bedroom or living room while creating a hidden place to throw linens or random odds and ends.

This Side Table Lamp Has a USB Port for Easy Charging

Mainstays White Grab and Go Stick Lamp with USB Port


You don't realize you need a bedside lamp until you're forced to get out of bed to turn off the lights after getting comfy in bed. This lamp is a convenient solution for late night readers or people who like subtle light — plus it has a USB port so you can charge your phone right there without having to fuss with an outlet.

No More Paper Plates — Get This Colorful Dinnerware Set

Gibson Home Brela 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set


Whether you've been getting by with a mix-matched set of random plates and bowls or using disposable plates (think of the environment!), it's time to move on to a matching set of dinnerware fit for an adult. It makes a difference, trust me.

Organize Literally Everything With This Cute Copper Basket

Spectrum Medium Storage Basket, Copper


One thing I realized when I moved to my first adult apartment was that I had a lot of stuff and not very many places to put them. Instead of stuffing things messily into corners, get nice baskets that are cute enough to double as decor. This copper basket makes trendy storage for anything that needs a place.

Never Look For a Knife Again With This Complete Knife Set

Farberware 23-Piece Never Needs Sharpening Knife Set


The day you decide to cook a full-fledged meal is the day you'll discover that the two old, dull knives you stole from home just won't cut it — literally. With a complete knife kit like this one you'll never struggle to cut through fruits, veggies, bread, or meat. The measuring spoons, spatulas, and kitchen shears are just added bonuses!

Save Space With Easy Install Floating Shelves

Hudson Easy Mount Floating Shelves


Shelving, shelving, shelving! It's the key to an organized apartment that feels like you put effort into decor rather than throwing things and leaving them wherever they landed. With these clean floating shelves, you can create a book display, show off your favorite photos and trinkets, or even use them to organize your makeup and skincare.

This All-In-One Bathroom Accessory Kit Has Everything You Need

Seville Classics 5-Piece Bamboo Bath and Vanity Luxury Bathroom Essentials Accessory Set


Most of time, the bathroom will be the most neglected part of your apartment when it comes to decor. With a soap dispenser, cotton ball/Q-Tip Box, waste bin, toothbrush holder, and towel tray all made from eco-friendly bamboo, this set is functional while adding a spa-like touch.

Make a Simple Couch Feel Luxe With Gold-Trimmed Throw Pillows

Better Homes and Gardens Trellis Foil Pillow with Pom Poms


With your first apartment, you might not be able to spring for the nicest, most luxurious couch, so a few affordable decorative pillows help add personality without breaking the bank.

Stop Ruining Your Furniture With Watermarks and Get This Cute Coaster Set

The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Coasters


Coasters are an adult apartment must-have, hands down. Not only does it protect the rest of your furniture from water stains, it just makes you seem very grown up when you offer your guests a drink on a pretty coaster.

Organize Your Laundry Once and For All With This Sorting Hamper

Honey Can Do Collapsible Double Hamper and Sorter


It seems easy to just throw your dirty clothes in a plastic bin (or worse, a pile on the floor), but as an official adult, it's time to upgrade. This hamper is cute enough to take up a prime spot, plus it has dual compartments, so you can separate your laundry for wash day.

Can't Decide on Art? Opt for These Decorative Starburst Mirrors

Better Homes and Gardens 3-Piece Round Sunburst Mirror Set


Choosing art for your first apartment can be intimidating, but your walls shouldn't be bare, especially if you can't paint them. These gold starburst mirrors work as decor, but also serve as a quick checkpoint to make any last minute touch-ups before you run out the door.

A Classic Set of Canisters You Can Use Anywhere

10 Strawberry Street Diamond 3 Piece Canister Set


Most people see canisters as jars you use in the kitchen to store "flour, sugar, and coffee," but with the right creativity, they can be used anywhere to organize and save space, all while being a pretty display. These can be used in the bathroom to hold cotton balls and Q-Tips, on your vanity to hold hair ties and bobby pins, or wherever else you need a bit of organization.

This Cookware Set Has Literally Everything You Could Ever Need For the Kitchen

Tramontina PrimaWare 18-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set


In my first apartment, there were many times when I attempted an ambitious meal only to find that I did not have the basic pots, pans, and utensils required to make it. With this complete kit, you have everything you could ever need to make any dish your heart desired.

Keep Your Shoes Organized With This Wooden Shoe Rack

Honey Can Do 2-Tier Natural Wood Shoe Rack


Throwing your shoes haphazardly at the entrance of your home might've been acceptable when you were younger, but now you're an adult and your shoes deserve better. This easy-to-assemble shoe rack adds order and organization to your shoe collection, decluttering your space.

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