15 $5 (Or Less) Beauty Products On Amazon That Will Immediately Upgrade Your Skin Care Routine


If you don't think $5 can you get much these days, you clearly haven't been shopping on Amazon. The e-commerce website is chock-full of budget buys, especially in the beauty department. It's no wonder makeup and skin care junkies are ditching their favorite brick-and-mortar beauty retailers and shopping online to fulfill their self-care needs. According to a recent report from One Click Retail, sales of beauty items on the online retailer grew 47 percent in 2017, generating $400 million in revenue and making it one of the fastest growing categories for Amazon. While shoppers are buying cosmetics from the site, they are mostly turning to Amazon to stock up on skin care goods. And why shouldn't they? There are so many items to choose from, it's almost impossible to know where to even begin.

Lucky for you, Bustle has gone through Amazon's endless skin care offerings to pick the best $5-and-under beauty buys you absolutely need to upgrade your skin care routine. From hydrating face masks and facial cleansing wipes to facial razors and miracle pimple patches, here is everything you can buy from Amazon for just $5. Even better? Most of these products are available through Prime, so if you've got a membership, you can expect these goodies to arrive on your doorstep in no time.