15 #AdultingIn5Words Tweets To Remind You The Struggle Is Really Real

by Sarah Fielding
BDG Media, Inc.

When you're a kid, it feels like you have to wait forever to be an adult. Then you finally become one and you realize that, for better and worse, being an adult is very different than you expected it to be. The freedom you always dreamed of has arrived, but with it comes responsibilities you never imagined, or have had to think about. In typical Twitter fashion, users decided to explore what being an adult really means. This was accomplished through the trending hashtag #AdultingIn5Words.

Users were brutally honest and humorous while discussing the truth behind being an adult and each post is extremely relatable. Being an adult is much more than going to bed whenever you'd like. It's a time where you are figuring out who you are, what you want to do, and how to do it.

When you first graduate college, a day that feels like it will never come, it starts to hit you in a way you can't be prepared for. You've moved out, you've found, or are looking for, a job, and you might be living in a place you've never been. As each year passes you become more used to this feeling, but the trials and joys of adulthood never fade. Something everyone, Twitter users or not, can relate to. Read on for some of the best #AdultingIn5Words tweets.


Sleep Is Your BFF


Everything Seems To Have Gone Up In Price


No Clue About Anything


Coffee To The Rescue


You're Constantly Growing


You Choose: Dinner Or Dessert First


An Involuntary Way Of Life


Google Is Always There For You


Happiness Is A Key Focus


The One Sign You Have Your Life Together

In the end, we all become adults and figure it out one day at a time. The good and the bad are all memorable and part of what leads us to grow up. Enjoy the ride.