15 Authors Every Harry Potter Fan Needs To Be Reading

It’s not difficult to find books as amazing as the Harry Potter series, but it is sometimes difficult to find books with the same magical energy. Whether you grew up reading the Harry Potter series or you only recently read the books, chances are you've experienced a Harry Potter book hangover at some point in your life. You could certainly reread the books. But at a certain point, it might be best to read something else.

Thankfully, there are many magical books out there, and many authors were inspired by the Harry Potter books. After all, the series has many characters and creatures modeled after legends and works of the past, and Rowling’s work has certainly influenced many writers. You don’t have to delve into fanfiction — though you certainly can — to find more fantasy books to read post-Harry Potter.

If you can’t get enough of the story about a boy wizard discovering the world of Hogwarts, here are some authors to read to fill the hole in your heart once you’ve finished reading (and rereading) the series.

1. Neil Gaiman

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From Coraline to Neverwhere, Gaiman's fantasy books are enchanting and dark, perfect for fans of the later books in the Harry Potter series.

2. Cornelia Funke

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She has written children's books such as Inkheart and Dragon Rider, and Harry Potter fans will be pulled in by the quirky magic and thrilling adventures.

3. Sabaa Tahir

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The high-stakes adventure of this fantasy series will electrify fans of Harry Potter.

4. Sarah J. Maas

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In Sarah J. Maas's two fantasy series — Throne of Glass series and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series — she's crafted lush fantasy settings with romantic and interesting characters. Plus, Sarah J. Maas is a huge Harry Potter fan herself!

5. Ursula K. Le Guin

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From the Earthsea fantasy series to the Hainish sci-fi series, Ursula Le Guin's works are magical masterpieces perfect for Harry Potter fans.

6. Rainbow Rowell

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In Fangirl, Rowell introduces readers to a fanfiction writer obsessed with a Potter-like fictional universe. In Carry On, Rowell tells the story of that book-within-a-book. It's totally meta and totally amazing.

7. Diana Wynne Jones

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This extremely prolific British author wrote a treasure trove of books that will appeal to Potter fans, because she has the same quirky humor and magical tone J.K. Rowling fans know and love.

8. Nancy Farmer

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Farmer's YA novels — including The House of the Scorpion — have touches of magic, and Harry Potter fans will definitely be on board for the character relationships.

9. Robin McKinley

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From The Blue Sword to Beauty, her retelling of Beauty and the Beast, McKinley's works are whimsical, magical fantasy books that will be sure favorites for Potterheads.

10. Daniel Jose Older

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Daniel Jose Older's series Shadowshaper follows protagonist Sierra Santiago, a Brooklyn teenager looking to hang out with her friends and work on her art over summer vacation. Things don't go as planned in this urban fantasy, and soon Sierra is caught up in a supernatural order focused on connecting with spirits through art.

11. Erika Johansen

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The Queen of the Tearling series is a YA fantasy in the vein of Harry Potter — plus Emma Watson is set to star in the movie adaptation.

12. Zoraida Córdova

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Zoraida Cordova's books are packed with enough magic, adventure, and romance to instantly hook fans of J.K. Rowling.

13. Roshani Chokshi

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The Star-Touched Queen has a little bit of everything Harry Potter fans love: mystery, romance, adventure, and magic. Potter fans should definitely pick up a Roshani Chokshi novel.

14. Leigh Bardugo

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Leigh Bardugo's two fantasy series — The Grisha and Six of Crows exist in a society with plenty of stigmas about those who can use magic. Both series will appeal to readers fascinated by the politics of Harry Potter.

15. J.K. Rowling


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When you really miss Harry Potter, why not reach for something written by the author of Harry Potter herself? From her Cormoran Strike mystery series to Cursed Child, Rowling has been busy writing more works to complement her first amazing series.