Scary Blizzard 2017 GIFs Will Make You Stay Home

by Joseph D. Lyons
Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's a blizzard coming. And if it's not fully there yet, just hold your horses. The weather forecast is not looking good. Up to 18 inches in the New York City area, and wind gusts of up to 50 m.p.h. — 75 in parts of New England. Trust me, that's not a winter wonderland for snowmen. So hopefully you're reading this from the warmth of your living room with the refrigerator stocked. Because if you're thinking of going outside, don't. Here are 15 scary blizzard GIFs and tweets to convince you to stay inside.

The storm is named Stella, and it's a type of Nor'easter that could potentially become really bad really quickly. Storms don't intimidate you? Well what about a "weather bomb"? No, seriously. There's a thing called bombogenesis which Stella is being formed by. It's the rapid falling of air pressure in a 24-hour period that results in extreme winds and precipitation. There can even be lightning (in winter!). Stella may not sound scary, but bombogenesis sure does.

Hopefully your office has already closed. But if it hasn't, you might want to send an email calling in "stuck" — at home that is. You don't want to leave the house to find yourself unable to return. Take a look at these tweets, and stay put, why don't you?

1) The Snow Fall

Dark blue means a lot of snow.

2) Which Means

According to one meteorologist, it will literally be puking!

3) An Even Clearer, Scarier Map

Easy to read, and easy to freak out. This time purple is not your friend.

4) The Wind

60 mph makes this sound more like a tropical storm than a winter blizzard.

5) The Tuesday Dress Code

Sure it's been unpredictable, but break out those long johns, snow boots, and snow pants before you even think about venturing outside.

6) Another Way To Measure

Just in case 18 inches of snow doesn't sound all that scary to you, check this one out.

7) Staying Away From Plows Is Key

Staying inside may be the best way to honor the hard work the street crew is doing for you right now — and you won't get plowed into a snow bank.

8) NYC Is Already Hit

Send this tweet to your boss just in case they're still asking you to come in.

9) And Elsewhere It's Accumulating

Imagine if you had to drive that car to work. Are you getting the point?

10) Forget A Car, Walking Is Dangerous

If you need a guide to not fall on your way to work, consider staying put instead.

11) Cool But Still Scary

If you're the kind of person who can pull this off, I don't have any advice. For the rest of us, it's still motivating to stay in.

12) She's Brave Enough For Everybody

The statue already made the point so you don't have to.

13) The Meteorologists Are Underfunded

What if it's even worse than they're projecting?

14) Even So, The Red Is Terrifying

It seriously looks like a hurricane. A winter hurricane.

15) The One Scary Map You Can Definitely Relate To

Just in case none of the rest of this has you freaked, look at this one from the MTA. Only below-ground subway service is running. They mean business.

Getting to the subway would still be exposed to the elements, though. So don't joke around, look over these tweets again, and then stay inside. Whatever you need to do will still be waiting for you tomorrow, after Storm Stella blows through.