15 Books With Chilling Protagonists That Will Keep You Guessing Until The Very Last Page

Nothing is more haunting than an unreliable narrator or unsettling protagonist. Perhaps that's why psychological thriller novels are so darn hard to put down — you just don't feel okay until you reach the conclusion of the novel and figure out the fate (and motivations) of the main character.

In many psychological thriller and suspense novels, the "hero" of the story is just as unreliable and untrustworthy as the so-called villain. In these books, the tension builds and builds and builds until the only thing the reader can be sure about is that you can't be sure about anything. In these books, a single sentence can change everything, a twist can come at any time on any page, and a character can change before your eyes.

And even more frightening, these kinds of books suggest something that's harder to cope with: The dark potential for violence that possibly lies within every single person. They bring up the most painful question of all: can someone even trust themself?

So, here are 15 psychological thriller novels with protagonists as chilling as the villains. Be forewarned: once you crack these books open, you won't be able to stop reading until you've flipped to the very last page: