Beachgate Memes & Tweets To Enjoy If Your Beach Is Closed

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has gotten himself involved in another scandal, this time over a closed down beach. While the New Jersey government shutdown over the Fourth of July holiday weekend led to more than 50 state parks, beaches, and recreational areas being closed, Christie and his family relaxed on an empty beach at the governor's summer house. Much like its predecessor, 2013's Bridgegate, the new problematic imaging has been dubbed "Beachgate."

The property where the Christie family was vacationing is a private area located on Island Beach State Park, which was closed to the public for the weekend. After spending some time with his family on the beach, Christie flew a helicopter to the state capitol of Trenton to hold a news conference on the shutdown.

At the news conference on Sunday, Christie responded to reporters who asked him if he had gotten sun that day by saying he did not. However, the New Jersey Star Ledger had taken photos of Christie lounging on the beach with his family.

Christie and the New Jersey state Legislature (controlled by Democrats) failed to reach a budget agreement by midnight on July 1, the deadline for the new fiscal year in the state. According to The New York Times, at least nine other states also did not reach a budget agreement, but they have resources in place so that the government services are not shut down.

The optic on the situation are not great, and Twitter had a field day over the photos of Christie and the hypocrisy of hanging out on a beach closed because of a budget dispute.

1. It's A Modern Masterpiece

Truly, the photo is a new American classic.

2. Apocalypse, Now

The Star-Ledger didn't capture this one.

3. It Just Belongs

Kellyanne Conway with her feet on the couch in the Oval Office? Chris Christie in a beach chair? Makes perfect sense.

4. Closing Down The Beaches On A Tourist-Heavy Weekend?

Why let residents enjoy the beaches?

5. King Of The Beach

Christie has never been one to hold back.

6. In The Locker Room

Maybe Christie could have stopped things from turning out this way.

7. In The Situation Room

Don't worry, everyone, Christie is just hanging out.

8. Christie Family Beach Day Reimagined

An oil painting would be a worthy investment.

9. If Mondrian Captured The Moment

This would fit right in at The Met.

10. Christie Joins The 'Jersey Shore' Cast

He fits right in.

11. Finally

The comment plays off the habit some people had of saying that Trump became president whenever he simply did something he was expected to do as the president, like make a joint Congressional address without going off the teleprompter.

12. Not A Big Deal

They're just having a nice day on the beach.

13. Stuck On A Beach By Themselves

The Christies were there by choice, however.

14. Anything Is Possible

Just shut down the state government on a holiday weekend.

15. Nothing To See Here

Which character is Christie?

As of Monday afternoon, the Legislature and Christie did not come to an agreement regarding the shutdown, which will continue indefinitely.