These Are The Best Backpacks Under $100 Available Right Now

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Whether you're off to the office or rushing to your morning classes, a backpack is a great alternative to your trusty day-to-day bag. And with so many fall backpacks under $100 cluttering up store shelves right now, there are plenty to choose from. While a roomy purse is a great option to throw your things into the morning and run, sometimes a person wants to be hands-free. From balancing morning coffee to trying to find a pole to hold onto during your train commute, it pays to not be saddled down with a bag that's weighing down your arm or hitting your hips.

But before you get flashbacks to the backpacks you wore back in junior high, don't worry. Brands and designers are cranking out sleek, stylish, and grown up versions that will appeal to any aesthetic or taste in style. From sporty color blocking to tailored, polished lines, you can get as weird or classic as you would like with your choices. Ahead are 15 fall backpacks under $100 — from storing your gym clothes to your wallet, these are chic alternatives to your trusty purse. And who knows, you might love them so much you may never want to turn back.


Split Suede Backpack

Convertible Split Suede Backpack, $70, Zara

If you love a classic look, this structured and tailored backpack will be right up your alley. It looks like a handbag with sleek hardware, but with the help of two delicate straps it turns into a backpack.


Folder-Thin Pack

Backpack With Metallic Detail, $60, Zara

For those that don't like a lumpy and big silhouette on their backs, this folder-thin pack is a great workaround. If you don't plan to carry much more than a small laptop or a notebook or two with you, then this is a great, fashion-conscious alternative.


Pebbled Ring Backpack

Pebbled Ring Backpack, $70, Mango

Channeling the '90s, this backpack looks like it could be found in any career woman's closet, right next to her pencil skirt suits and briefcases. It's got this 9 to 5 vibe, almost like it would look amazing paired with some white trainers and nude pantyhose.


Brown Leather Pack

Brown Leather Pack, $85, Topshop

For those moments where you need to carry more with you, try a brown leather backpack to meet your needs. This one is a decent size, and its warm butterscotch color will pop against any fall knit you pair it with.


Minimalist Backpack

Front Lapel Backpack, $40, Mango

If you like to pair your outfits with bags that have clean, structured lines, this is a great choice. Rather than being bulky, this backpack has the structured look of a briefcase, but one you can wear on your back.


Silver Mirror Backpack

Mi-Pac Silver Mirror Mini Classic Backpack, $53, ASOS

For those that like to make a statement with their accessories, this reflective, chrome backpack will be sure to catch everyone's eye during your morning commute.


Utility Backpack

Rains Mini Backpack In Black, $103, ASOS

For those that need a good work backpack, this is a sleek and stylish alternative. Roomy enough to carry your laptop and notebooks, and fashion-forward enough to elevate rather than hold back your style, this is a great piece to take into the office or coffee shop.


Chained Backpack

Fiorelli Anouk Small Backpack, $72, John Lewis

If you like your accessories to rock a little bit of hardware, this bag is perfect. Flaunting a heavy silver chain, it adds just the right touch of interest without overdoing it.


Structured Backpack

Backpack With Grommets, $30, Zara

Affordable, sleek, and just discreet enough to not make it look like you're running late for freshman orientation, this is a grown-up way to do a knapsack.


Tropical Forest Backpack

Tropical Forest Mini Backpack, $60, Simons

If you love to upgrade your outfit with prints, then this backpack is calling your name. Boasting a collage-like look in a wild mosaic of tropical flowers, this Adidas bag will be fun contrasted against your athleisure or off-duty outfits.


Velvet Backpack

Street Level Mini Velvet Backpack, $60, Bloomingdales

With fall right around the corner, a little bit of texture is in order. Add some interest to your outfit by letting in a splash of velvet. Not only will it look fabulous with your knit sweaters and windbreakers, but that old, gold color will bring in a warm tone to your look's color palette.


Square Backpack

The Nylon Square Backpack, $58, Everlane

If you're looking for something a little more functional, this structured, square backpack is just the thing to use for running to and from work. It can easily store your supplies, your lunch, and anything else you need to throw in there to survive the day.


Multi-Color Pack

Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Heritage Youth Backpack, $50, Bloomingdales

Color lovers, look here! Using an eye-popping shade of robin's egg blue and contrasting it against navy and slate grey, this fun color-block backpack is a playful spin on the rucksack.


Gridded Backpack

Baggu Canvas Backpack, $48, Nordstrom

If you want to add a touch of print to your look but don't want to overdo it with a busy and loud pattern, then this minimalist, simple gridded print could be just what you're looking for.


Sporty Backpack

Fiorelli Trenton Backpack, $72, John Lewis

On the other hand, if you have a more sporty, athleisure-inspired look, this stylish bag caters to your aesthetic. Its simple colorblocking and muted colors are both eye-catching and understated all at the same time.

From sleek leather cases to colorful, patterned rucksacks, you'll want to go hands-free more and more this fall!