15 'Full House' Episodes Perfect To Watch With Your BFFs

Everyone knows that Full House is the ultimate family sitcom. The three Tanner sisters — Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J. — are some of TV's most famous siblings, and their whole house filled with extended family members speak to the value of familial bonds. But really, Full House is also about friendship, especially because that show would be nothing without D.J.'s friend Kimmy Gibbler. Really it's the perfect show to marathon when with your pals, and you should especially watch these 15 Full House episodes with your BFFs. The chances are that a lot of themes from the '90s show will remind you of your own friendships over the years.

Not only is Kimmy one of Full House's most notable friends, but the show also shows how friends can become family with the household's jokester, Joey Gladstone. The Tanner kids literally call him Uncle Joey, even though he's just a pal who moved in with the family after Danny's wife died. Then, of course, there's Uncle Jesse, who — just like Joey — proves that family can often become friends.

When you're hanging with your pals, check out these must-see episodes of Full House and get inspired by the Tanners' close bonds.


'My Left And Right Foot' Season 8, Episode 15

If you or a friend has ever focused on one of your flaws that nobody else would ever care about, you'll probably be able to relate to Michelle's fear that she's "a big foot freak." As you can imagine, it's a fun episode in quintessential Tanner style.


'Just Say No Way' Season 3, Episode 21

D.J.'s school dance goes drastically awry when Uncle Jesse finds her holding a beer in the hallway. It's all a big misunderstanding, of course, but you and your friends will probably get a kick out of watching the scandalous episode together.


'The Dating Game' Season 6, Episode 13

If you and your friends are currently exploring the dating world, then you'll probably find this episode painfully relatable. Stephanie thinks her friend asks her out on a date, but really he just thought that they were hanging out as friends. For a kid, Stephanie finds herself in an all-too-common dating faux pas. Watching everything work out in the end makes it all sort of therapeutic to watch, though.


'The Devil Made Me Do It' Season 5, Episode 19

A lot of things happen in this episode, but one of the most delightful parts is when Stephanie and Kimmy team up against D.J. It just might remind you and your friends of some awkward situations you've had when getting on each other's nerves.


'Tanner Vs. Gibbler' Season 2, Episode 2

In another episode focused on friendship, Kimmy befriends a couple of older girls who almost ruin the birthday party that D.J. throws for her BFF. This happens to be the same episode when Jesse meets Becky, too, so it's pretty important to watch.


'Stephanie Gets Framed' Season 4, Episode 16

Not only does Stephanie learn a lesson about standing up to bullies, but she also gets a stern talk from D.J. about the value of saving money. You and your friends might want to watch this one just to get a reminder about not spending so freely, because Full House has all the life lessons you need. By the way, Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) has a part in this all-around awesome episode.


'Rock The Cradle' Season 4, Episode 26

This one is fun to watch with pals because you probably realize that you understand the "adult plots" better now than you did as a kid. Watch Becky (Lori Loughlin) find out she's pregnant with your BFFs to have a good laugh.


'Taking The Plunge' Season 8, Episode 19

Kimmy tries to elope but D.J., with the help of Danny and Uncle Jesse, save the day, as per usual — just like good friends always do.


'I'm Not D.J.' Season 6, Episode 10

Who knew that so much conflict could occur over piercing your ears? Well, if you ever endured middle school, the chances are that you do, actually. This episode captures the rite of passage hilariously.


'13 Candles' Season 3, Episode 17

It's D.J.'s 13th birthday in this episode, and it's the perfect one to watch with your BFFs while reminiscing about your own foray into teenage years together.


'The Volunteer' Season 5, Episode 7

If you don't consider Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis a feminist icon, this episode will change that when Becky bets that Jesse can't handle carrying a pregnant belly around. Things work out pretty much as you and your BFF will imagine and it'll give you both a great laugh together.

Full House is as much about friendship as it is about families, so have a good marathon with your B.F.F.