15 Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Match Your Dad’s Jokes

If your dad was a prankster throughout your childhood, then Father's Day 2018 is the perfect time to return the favor by celebrating his sense of humor with one of these funny Father's Day 2018 gift ideas. Whether it's an exploding golf ball, a fake winning lottery ticket, or a bouquet of salami, gag gifts are an ideal way to help dad find the funny this Father's Day. Because, let's be honest, your dad really doesn't need any more neckties, sweat socks, or tee shirts and coffee mugs proclaiming him as "world's best dad."

Any fly new clothes you buy dad will likely hang in his closet until the apocalypse because, as Jerry Seinfeld said, "You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life, because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out." If your dad's wardrobe offers clues to the year in question, you can get him a gag gift from his favorite era to let him know you've noticed how much he loves the [insert decade here].

For example, one woman told Reader's Digest that while the family was viewing old slides, her dad began to wax poetic about a photo of himself holding her when she was three weeks old. "'There's my prize possession,' my father said. Touched, I smiled at him as he continued, 'I wonder whatever happened to that golf shirt?'" What do you get this dad for Father's Day? See gift idea number one below. If your dad is the definition of funny or die, here are some great gift ideas for Father's Day 2018.


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