15 Funny Father’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas To Match Your Dad’s Jokes This June 17

If your dad was a prankster throughout your childhood, then Father's Day 2018 is the perfect time to return the favor by celebrating his sense of humor with one of these funny Father's Day 2018 gift ideas. Whether it's an exploding golf ball, a fake winning lottery ticket, or a bouquet of salami, gag gifts are an ideal way to help dad find the funny this Father's Day. Because, let's be honest, your dad really doesn't need any more neckties, sweat socks, or tee shirts and coffee mugs proclaiming him as "world's best dad."

Any fly new clothes you buy dad will likely hang in his closet until the apocalypse because, as Jerry Seinfeld said, "You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life, because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out." If your dad's wardrobe offers clues to the year in question, you can get him a gag gift from his favorite era to let him know you've noticed how much he loves the [insert decade here].

For example, one woman told Reader's Digest that while the family was viewing old slides, her dad began to wax poetic about a photo of himself holding her when she was three weeks old. "'There's my prize possession,' my father said. Touched, I smiled at him as he continued, 'I wonder whatever happened to that golf shirt?'" What do you get this dad for Father's Day? See gift idea number one below. If your dad is the definition of funny or die, here are some great gift ideas for Father's Day 2018.

1Toilet Golf

Toilet Golf


If your dad spends a lot of time in the bathroom, a productive gift that allows him to do his business while also improving his golf game is an obvious choice. Seriously, your dad will love his new putting potty so much you might have to go to the coffee shop down the street to use the bathroom.

2The One Coffee Mug Dad Needs

Dad You've Always Been Like a Father To Me Coffee Mug


If you are planning to get dad another coffee mug, forget "world's best dad." Let dad know that you've always considered him a father. You know, because he's your dad.

3Dad Onsie

Adult Baby Onsie


If your dad is the king of moaning and groaning, give him an outfit to match his attitude. That's right, baby onesies come in dad sizes.

4World's Best Farter Shirt

World's Best Farter, I Mean Father Shirt


Is your dad always stinking up family gatherings? Let him know how much you appreciate it by gifting him with a shirt that proclaims him as the world's best farter.

6Superhero Cape

Whoopgifts Superhero Cape with Mask


Is your dad your hero, or does he aspire to be a real live superhero? If the answer is yes, it's about time dad had his own cape so he can roam around the neighborhood like the caped crusader he really is.

7Funny Dad Shirt

Funny Dad Shirt


A lot of dads think they are funny, and if your dad is one of them you likely spend a lot of time waiting for him to get to the punch line before you unleash your obligatory fake laugh. Dads who think they're jokers need to be identified with this shirt so people know right away to expect a long-winded joke with a punch line that never comes.

8Witty Yetis Bad Parking Business

Witty Yetis Bad Parking Business


A lot of dads have road rage and strong feelings about bad parking jobs. If you're tired of hearing your dad rant about how the neighbor parks too far from the curb, get him some bad parking business cards so he can express his frustration without saying a word. You might want to advise dad to use them more as affirmation cards so he can feel better in the moment. Actually leaving one of these cards on someone's car might cause a kerfuffle that dad won't win because no matter what he thinks, he's not actually a superhero.

9Coloring Book For Dads

Dad Life: A Manly Adult Coloring Book


Coloring is not just for kids. If your dad could stand to reduce his stress levels, he obviously needs a coloring book designed just for dads. And, coloring is always recommended before deciding to throw down one of those bad parking cards. When stress strikes, advise dad to read a card, take a deep breath, get out his coloring book, and make the right choice by putting the card back in the box. Leaving a picture he colored himself on the cars of bad parkers is a much healthier way for dad to express his feelings.

10Daddy's First Milestones Beer Bottle Labels

Daddy's First Milestones


It's always acceptable to get dad a six-pack of beer for Father's Day, if that's dad's jam. However, give that gift your own personal touch with these funny Daddy's First Milestones beer labels that you can put on top of the labels on dad's favorite bottles of beer. Dad will appreciate not only the beer, but the fact that the labels perfectly articulate his thoughts about being your father.

11Make Dad A Saint

Go Saint Yourself


Is your dad always claiming that he's a saint for putting up with your antics all these years? Instead of fighting dad on this point, honor him like the saint he is by getting him a candle and card with his photo that recognizes him as an official saint.

12Monka Dunk Creations Toilet Paper

Monka Dunk Creations Toilet Paper


If you're already getting dad the putty potty, why now throw in a roll of toilet paper that lets dad know that you love the crap out of him. This also works as a stand alone gift. After all, everyone needs toilet paper and it also gives dad something to read in the bathroom.

13Superhero Apron

Iron Man Character Apron


If running around the neighborhood in a cape isn't your dad's thing, get him some more acceptable superhero gear that he actually needs. A lot of dads fancy themselves grill masters, so this superhero apron is a perfect way for dad to let everyone know he's the Iron Man of grilling.

14The Three Bs

Blossom Box


Self care is for dads too, and nothing shows dad that you support his right to take care of himself more than a box full of gifts that honor his three favorite things: bacon, beer, and the bathroom. The Blossom Box comes with a bacon scented candle, dad-smelling soap, and a bottle opener so dad can drink beer to the smell of bacon while in the bath.

15Honor Dad With A Tattoo

Happy Tatts


What better way to show dad how much you appreciate him than by getting it tattooed on your bicep? Get this temporary tattoo, slap it on, and treat dad to a Father's Day visit. Obviously the real gift is when you take it off after messing with dad for a few hours. Seriously, no matter how you decide to celebrate dad this year, humor is always a hit.