15 Halloween Movies With Totally Shocking Endings That You'd Never, Ever Guess

When it comes to scary movies, you can almost always expect to watch some kind of surprising turn of events unfold. The funny thing is that even though you likely know that someone's either going to jump out from behind some door or turn out to have been a ghost all along, it still somehow makes your heart race every time. Not all horror movies have totally shocking endings though, but those are usually the ones that have the most long-lasting impact. So if you feel more satisfied by a twist ending than by something you saw coming from a mile away, you have to watch some of these movies this Halloween.

The thing about shocking endings is that they really make you question everything about the movie that you'd just watched. Sometimes, they're so shocking that you even question everything about your own reality, because you realize that if you could have been so deeply deceived by a movie, there could be other shocking truths hiding right before your eyes.

If you're someone who watches scary movies only seasonally, for Halloween, you want to make sure that you watch the right scary movies during the limited time that you're considering them. So whether you're looking for a classic or a modern movie, a ghost story or a horror flick, there's something unexpected on this list for you.



Spoiler alert. Norman Bates' mother wasn't some psychotic murderess who killed people staying in her son's hotel. In fact, she'd been dead for years, and Norman was the killer the whole time.


'Get Out'

Spoiler alert. The whole third act of Get Out is filled with shocking twists, but finding out that (Daniel Kaluuya) hadn't actually been hypnotized into the sunken place is the best kind of horror movie twist.


'Night Of The Living Dead'

The ending to the 1968 movie is so bleak that it's almost funny.



Spoiler alert. After fearing a singular killer throughout the movie, it's pretty shocking to discover that there were actually two of them the whole time in the end.


'Goodnight Mommy'

While Goodnight Mommy isn't necessarily a classic, its ending follows resembles the classic Sixth Sense style of twist.


'The Others'

This one also has a similar twist to Sixth Sense too, but it also makes a certain element of the story especially shocking once you realize that the movie's setting wasn't actually what it seemed.


'Shutter Island'

Spoiler alert. You'll probably never forget where you were when you you learn that Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) isn't actually a real person but rather the imagined identity of the patient Andrew Laeddis.


'Friday The 13th'

While so many horror movies reveal unexpected psychological twists towards the end, this one uses good old fashioned ghostly horror.



Spoiler alert. Towards the end of Saw, the rug gets pulled out from under you when you realize that the evil mastermind behind the trap was in the room with his victims the whole time.


'The Sixth Sense'

Spoiler alert. As mentioned before, the ending from The Sixth Sense is a horror standard, when you find out that Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) was a ghost the whole time.


'The Mist'

If there were ever a twist to make you throw your remote at the TV, this movie's might be it, as you realize that the main characters' stories could've had much better outcomes.


'The Wicker Man' (1973)

The original version of this movie has an ending that will make you say, "all that for nothing??" But it's still totally worth watching.


'The Village'

If there were a comedic counterpart to this movie, it'd be the Truman Show, based on their bizarrely similar endings.


'The Visit'

Spoiler alert. After two kids have a totally weird and freaky weekend with their grandparents, they find out that the older people they're staying with aren't actually their relatives at all but rather stone cold killers.


'The Ring'

Spoiler alert. Nobody could ever forget the end of this movie when Samara proves that she's the all-time scariest demon.

Even the most seasoned horror movie fan couldn't have predicted every one of these surprising endings.