This Year, Halloween Will Be All About The Spooky Wreaths

Multiple choice question: what is the best day of the year?

  1. Halloween

If you guessed Halloween, you're correct. It's perfectly acceptable to prepare for the holiday the 364 days of the year that it isn't happening, which is why I'm completely, utterly, totally, helplessly in love with these creepy Halloween wreaths that keep popping up online — some of them homemade, DIY projects, and others ready for purchase. These aren't your regular, run of the mill holiday wreaths. Oh no. They feature famously creeper characters, intricate patterns, and other kinds of ghoul-tastic, bewitching details.

Wreaths have experienced a sort of renaissance over the years, largely thanks to beautifully handmade Etsy creations and directions for DIY projects that anyone can pull off at home with just a short list of materials and a little creativity and elbow grease. The result is wonderfully spooky decor you can hang year after year. Or you can hang it up once and just leave it there forever. Either one works. I prefer the latter. I don't say "bae" very often; but if I did, it would be about Halloween.

If you're looking to spruce up your abode this season, here are some Halloween wreaths that will get you so stoked for All Hallows' Eve. You can purchase some of them online, or try your hand at making them yourself.

1. The Mistress Of All Evil

Maleficent's face will look positively fabulous hanging from your front door.

2. Witches And Crows

This spook-tacular (see what I did there?) Halloweenie wreath is chock full of creepy things — a witch, a crow, a spider, and is that a bat I see?

3. Christmas Gone Halloween

Don't know what to do with old Christmas tree ornaments? Paint them orange and black, and get your glitter on.

4. A Very Punny Halloween

Oh em gee. I can't handle this. A wreath this is fancy, creepy, and makes me giggle? Win.

5. This Is Halloween

Jack Skellington gives this two bony thumbs up.

6. A Pumpkin Under A Tree

Simple, but fantastic. This twiggy wreath was twisted and turned to create a gloomy looking tree in the middle, made complete by the teeniest, tiniest pumpkin.

7. One, Two, Freddie's Coming For You

I feel like he's going to pop out from under his hat. Hold me.

8. The Feeling Of Being Watched

This one is super simple and calls for a feather boa, googly eyes, and a cardboard or foam wreath to mount them on. Easy peasy.

9. Crafting Made Easy

Okay, even the laziest person can accomplish this one. Balls of yarn. A hot glue gun. Boom. Done. You're an artist.

10. It's Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

The Bette Midler lover in me is squealing with delight. What's better than an October wreath that reminds you of the ultimate Halloween movie?

11. Ghostly Encounters

This wreath is far too bootiful to pass up. Get it? Bootiful? OK, I'm done. I swear.

12. Feathers For Days

This Black Swan-esque Halloween wreath adds a subtle yet powerful touch to All Hallows' Eve.

13. Fun And Festive

This burlap sensation is less creepy and more cute, making for a great alternative for anyone who doesn't fancy spiders and bats.

14. A Wreath You Can Wear

A hat turned into a wreath? Yes please! And how adorbs is that face?

15. Nothing's Creepier Than A Doll

Creepy baby dolls have been a horror movie staple, and now they're coming to your home on Halloween!