Memes Only An Aries Will Understand

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It's no coincidence that Aries are the first sign within the Zodiac. These competitive, high intensity people like to be first (and right, and best, and the most) — and they absolutely love inside jokes. So, with that in mind, I put together a few memes only an Aries will understand. (If you don't then I'm sorry and please don't come after me.)

A fire sign, Aries (along with Leo and Sagittarius) is energetic, temperamental, passionate, and dynamic. A fire can provide comfort, warm your soul, bring folks together, and prove to be the one thing a gathering was missing. One stray spark, though, and the entire forest is ablaze. As such, Aries need some tending. A fire can go out when no one is feeding it.

In addition to their fiery origin, the ruling planet of Aries is Mars. Yep, the planet of war. Boldness, action, and winning — these are a few of their favorites thiiiiiiiiings. Like, their sign is literally a flying, golden ram. They are the embodiment of headstrong (Get it? Like with horns?).

But don't be fooled by their strong exterior; as is so often true of those who enter situations "guns a-blazing," Aries are loyal and secretly sensitive. They are some serious ride or die bitches — if you can get close enough to them to forge a real connection. And damn — you are really missing out if you don't, or won't, put in that effort.

Listen, Aries Just Like Action

And They Get Impatient Easily

Which They Will Happily Tell You

Because They're A Little, Uh, Blunt

Okay, A Lot Blunt

In A Way That Can Catch Potential Partners Off-Guard

Especially Because That Bluntness Is Backed Up With A Whole Lot Of Intensity

Haters Say "Aggressive," Aries Say "Passionate"


Not Great At Sharing? P-A-S-S-I-O-N, You Dummies

A Li'l Selfish? Impossible

We All Have Feelings Too

Sure, It May Seem Like, On The Surface, Aries Really Like To Talk About Being Aries

But That's Because It's Damn Good To Be An Aries

And Nobody Knows That Better Than, Well, An Aries