15 Movies To Stream Right Now If You're Obsessed With 'The Bachelor'

Can't get enough of the rose ceremonies? More concerned about Becca and Arie's relationship than that between your best pals? If you're addicted to the romance-entangled reality show and can't stand waiting week to week, here are 15 movies to stream if you're obsessed with The Bachelor.

The show is entering its 22nd season, and that's not including the multiple spin-offs, specials, and follow-ups. It's not hard to understand The Bachelor's longevity — the show is an irresistibly heady mix of reality television, competition, and heightened search for love, presented each week with brutal efficiency as competitors are (mostly) eliminated one-by-one. Is it even possible to find true love under these circumstances? That's besides the point. The Bachelor is meta-commentary on our obsession with reality shows — the forced scenarios, the artificial drama of it all. But by blending it with so many deeply rooted desires — genuine affection, desirability, success — we get to have our staged cake and eat our real feelings too.

Of course, we know "happily ever after" rarely is; out of all the seasons, only a handful of couples from the show have remained together. But it's the thrill and fantasy that keep us coming back. It doesn't hurt the show's producers are also masters at packaging each season, presenting heroes and villains to root for. So when you can't get your Bachelor fix, these films are here to provide the drama, the thrill, the trauma of dating, right alongside the joys and terrors of falling in love.


'Ever After'

Drew Barrymore stars in an updated take on the Cinderella tale. With Leonardo DaVinci as her fairy godfather and a healthy helping of ladies doing it for themselves, this is the version to check out.

Available on Starz


'So I Married An Axe Murderer'

Mike Myers plays a commitment-phobic poet who finally meets the woman of his dreams... only to slowly realize she might be serial husband-killer Mrs. X. But is she really dangerous, or are his fears just manifesting in a new weird way?

Available on Crackle


'Pretty In Pink'

Andie Walsh has not one, not two, but three guys after her. The only one she wants lives on the other side of the tracks, and with his friends trying to make her life misery, staying in love is a lot harder than falling into it.

Available on Starz


'Sherman's March'

Originally intended to be a documentary about exactly what it sounds like, Sherman's March ends up taking on the director's personal life, trouble with women, and endless heartbreaks. Watch it in segments, pausing after each breakup, to get the full reality-TV effect.

Available on Fandor


'Much Ado About Nothing' (1993)

Shakespeare's ultimate fluff piece about the whirlwind ridiculousness of romance, this time with a modern cast including Keeanu Reeves and Kate Beckinsale in her first role.

Available on Vudu and TubiTV


'American Gigolo'

Richard Gere plays a male hustler framed for murder in this thriller full of flashy clothes and fast cars.

Available on MaxGo



A New York tale of crazy love, with practical widow Loretta throwing caution to the wind after meeting her fiancee's moody, dramatic brother.

Available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Epix


'Stealing Beauty'

A young woman returns to the lush Italian countryside after her mother's death, surrounded by her friends and possibly former lovers, as she attempts to find love herself.

Available on MaxGo


'Sliding Doors'

Dueling timelines of love and betrayal split and come back together as Gwenyth Paltrow misses, or catches, a subway train.

Available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Epix


'Billy Liar'

Constantly escaping his dull life via fantasy, Billy's also set himself up for trouble by proposing to two very different women... with the same ring. Hijinx ensue as he lies and schemes to get the ring back and forth, and as Billy decides between making fantasy reality.

Available on TubiTV


'Wuthering Heights' (1939)

The ultimate in tempestuous romances, and the ultimate version of the film, this tale of thwarted, twisted love beyond understanding gets as hapyp an ending as it possibly can.

Available on FilmStruck and TubiTV


'The Earrings Of Madam De...'

One pair of earrings leads to more sweet romance, pain, sorrow, and emotion than you could imagine possible in this outstanding tale of starcrossed love.

Available on FilmStruck


'My Man Godfrey'

A screwball romance that starts when a wealthy girl picks up skid row bum Godfrey as part of a scavenger hunt, and continues with her falling desperately in love with him.

Available on Fandor and Amazon Prime



Two brothers, one responsible, one a playboy, vie and fight for the affection of the now-grown servant's daughter who's returned a refined lady from abroad.

Available on Starz


'The Rules Of The Game'

A surprisingly dark comedy of manners with mistresses, longing, and gorgeous 30s imagery.

Available on FilmStruck

Though its said reality is stranger than fiction, the strangest reality of all is the fictionalized version we can't get enough of every week. Hopefully these films will fill the gap between episodes, but nothing can replace the real deal.