What To Watch On Netflix Once You’ve Worn Out ‘The Holiday Calendar’

Gabriel Hennessey/Netflix

For some people, Christmas season starts the minute that Halloween ends, and Netflix — with its top secret algorithm — knew that those people would want new Christmas content to watch to get into the spirit. So on Nov. 2, Netflix released a new Christmas movie, called The Holiday Calendar, and boy did it provide some Christmas cheer. Fortunately, there are plenty of other movies like The Holiday Calendar streaming on Netflix this November, so you can fill your own non-magical calendar with movies to watch all month.

Over the past couple of years, Netflix has proven that it stands as a mighty force in the Christmas movie game that was previously ruled by the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime. That's right, these new Netflix original movies are nothing like the gritty, psychological original movies and shows that the streaming site has released. So far, Netflix's original Christmas movies have been just as mushy and predictable as any of those you'll find on cable TV — and that's exactly what we want this time of year.

Netflix even has Christmas movies that originally aired on Hallmark, so you're basically set for a month filled with sweet, romantic holiday movies. Here are some of the Christmas movies that you'll be able to watch on Netflix in November 2018:


'A Christmas Prince'

The 2017 movie that changed everything for Netflix's Christmas is still available for streaming.


'The Princess Switch'

A new Christmas movie starring not one but two Vanessa Hudgens characters is available on Nov. 16, and once you see the treat at the end of the trailer, you'll want to mark the release on your calendar.


'Christmas With A View'

Vivica A. Fox stars in this holiday extravaganza set in a festive ski resort.


'A Holiday Engagement'

The Holiday Calendar probably left you wishing the movie had included a proposal, so naturally your next choice should be A Holiday Engagement.


'The Christmas Chronicles'

Kurt Russell plays a snarky Santa Claus in this magical new Netflix original movie, which will be released — straight from the North Pole of course — on Nov. 22.


'Christmas Inheritance'

While A Christmas Prince stole the hearts of many, it wasn't the only original holiday movie that Netflix released last year. The streaming platform also Christmas Inheritance, and it's also a joy to watch.


'Christmas In The Smokies'

When a hunky country music star returns to his hometown, an old rivalry gets rekindled, and drama over a farm foreclosure stirs up even more resentment. But, as you probably can guess, the spirit of Christmas has a way of making things a little better.


'The Spirit Of Christmas'

In this case, the "spirit" of Christmas means a literal ghost. Spookiness commences!


'Merry Kissmas'

If you thought that The Holiday Calendar was a little on the nose in describing the movie, the title Merry Kissmas is even more blunt. If you're a fan of romance and lots of smooching, you can't miss this one.


'Christmas Crush'

Jonathan Bennett — Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls — plays the object of the protagonist's affection, and it's oh-so satisfying.


'48 Christmas Wishes'

On Christmas Eve Eve — yes it's a thing — the North Pole has a mix-up that threatens to ruin Christmas. If you've ever wondered how the elves manage to fulfill everyone's wishes, this fun movie gives you an idea.


'You Can't Fight Christmas'

Not everyone loves Christmas, and if you happen to have any friends who are more like the Grinch than Buddy the Elf, then you should definitely watch this movie with them.


'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'

On Nov. 30, the long-awaited sequel to A Christmas Prince will hit Netflix, and it's definitely as exciting as a real royal wedding — if not more.


'Dear Santa'

If you ever thought that Sleepless In Seattle could make a great Christmas movie with a few little tweaks, then Dear Santa is the movie of your dreams.


'How Sarah Got Her Wings'

Some would call a person who returns to earth after their death a ghost, but in this case, Sarah is an angel. It's Christmas, after all.

There's no need to feel withdrawal after you finish watching The Holiday Calendar. Netflix has you covered with enough heartwarming festive tales to last you till Dec. 25.