15 People Reveal What They Regret Most About Their Weddings

by Megan Grant
Universal Pictures

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. People plan months in advance to say "I do," scrutinizing over everything from place settings and florals to invitations and how to politely ask tall people to sit in the back. Even with our precise attention to the most minute of details, though, when you're dealing with an event so important, something is bound to go wrong. Regrets people have about their weddings can be as small as smudged make-up and as big as an evil mother-in-law who threatens to destroy everything; but one thing is for certain: even among all the good, you don't forget the things that drove you crazy about your wedding day.

A recent AskReddit post asked users to share the one thing they regret most about their wedding day. For many people, their regrets were so negligible that they were hardly worth thinking about — being a little busier than planned or maybe having a wedding that was slightly bigger than they intended. No big deal, and overall, it was a party to remember.

As for the others, things got rocky — we're talking screaming stepsisters and troublesome exes and, well, keep reading and see for yourself.


Inviting Too Many People

This is one of those moments when it's better just not to have friends at all. (Kidding!) But seriously, unless you have 300 very close friends, I say send them a wedding photo and call it a day. Nobody wants to buy cake for 300 people.


Agonizing Over The Details

Colored napkins? Nobody's got time for that. Buy a few rolls of Brawny and you're good to go. No one will remember the napkins anyway, unless they're made of gold or something.


Not Having Enough Private Time

Newlyweds always need a little time for themselves, particularly on the honeymoon. Know what I mean? *cough*


Unfavorable Weather Conditions

This is all kinds of no. Who wants to fend of frostbite on their wedding day, and miss half their guests because everyone's flight got canceled? Nobody.


An Ill-Intentioned Stepsister

Is there any bigger wedding no-no than getting engaged at somebody else's nuptials? Nothing comes to mind — unless you were also wearing white when you did it.


Angry Bridesmaids

Only happy tears are allowed at weddings! And what's with the yelling? There's no yelling at weddings. Tell sis to take a chill pill.


Lopsided Toasts

Leave it to the mother-in-law to make things complicated. Kudos to this boss who had the bride's back, though. That's a good friend there.


Renting Your Ensemble

Renting wedding attire is a dope idea and can save you some serious cash; but sometimes, it's better to cough up a little more dough and have a nicer outfit.



Moms can be bossy like that sometimes. Don't forget: you're in charge. It's your way or the highway. No negotiating!


Too Many Hands To Shake

You're not the president, and this isn't a public event. Forget shaking hands and go eat some cake.


Not Having A No Cellphone Rule

Dang technology. It's a blessing and a curse. But this is one thing we can all (hopefully) agree on: phones don't belong in professional wedding photos. There's a time and a place, people!


Not Having Enough Time To Visit

Weddings can be stressful, and the guests probably understood. Remember that you're all there to have fun, eat good food, and shake your rump.


Leftover Hair Ties

Oh snap. Doesn't this sound like something any chick might forget? Note to self: double-check your wrists before the photog starts snapping away.


Not Making It Adults Only

If the kids are old enough to follow rules and behave themselves, then there's no harm in bringing them along. But crying and screaming during the ceremony? No spank you.


Bringing An Ex Along

What in God's name is this? No, no, no, no, and no. It's sad to hear what happened to this bride, but it certainly sounds like she's better off now.