15 Punny Graduation Day Instagram Captions To Post With All Your Diploma Pics

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's that time of year again: square caps are flying through the air and parents are stocking up on tissues for graduation season. This milestone event offers tons of moments, of course, which are perfect for sentimental Instagram opportunities. Walking across the graduation stage is a huge accomplishment, one that's worthy of a picture frame and a social media shoutout to ~yourself~ and your classmates. And, there's no better time to polish off the post with a punny graduation Instagram caption ideas. It's sure to make all your followers laugh until they cry. Because, hey, your parents weren't wrong to load up on Kleenex. Grabbing your diploma can get pretty emotional!

You've worked hard to strut in your cap and gown. All those required core classes, all those problem sets, all those research papers you are pretty sure deserve a Pulitzer Prize nod — it took a lot to reach out for that affirming diploma. Capture the moment and let it live forever on Instagram. Throwback to the moment on Thursdays for the rest of your life. And, hey, each time you do you can use another punny Instagram caption for your 2018 graduation picture.

Because you're probably recovering from finals, give yourself a break from all that ~thinking~, if only for a moment before the next stage of your exciting life and take one of these punny captions. ConGRADulations!

"I'll calc-u later, school!"

"ConGRADulations to the class of 2018!"

"I don't want to graduate. PSYCH!"

"Is it just me or is it one degree hotter in here?"

"Find your Nietzsche."

"Encylopedias are loud. They speak volumes."

"Can you pass the chips and diploma? Thanks."

"I'm sure grad I got through the past four years."

"Cap that."

"Game of loans. Interest is coming."

"Those English grad majors are lit!"

"I'm so done with this B.S."

"Anything is pastable."

"Dear Future Employers, I promise that I'm koalified."

"Graduation is kind of a big dill!"