"Reasons Trump Hangs Up" Tweets Are All Too Real

by Joseph D. Lyons
Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Wednesday The Washington Post published an exposé on President Donald Trump's phone etiquette — and it's not that surprising. It seems he talks on the phone very similarly to the way he campaigns or tweets — brusquely, you might say. The only problem here is that he's not talking with just anyone these days. Other world leaders expect him to finish a conversation, but with Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, he reportedly cut what was supposed to be an hour-long convo short after 25 minutes. Not good! These 15 "Reasons Trump Hangs Up tweets" might give you an idea of how American foreign policy will look under the new president.

That's not the only troubling part. Trump allegedly told Turnbull that he had spoken with others that day, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that the Aussie call "was the worst call by far." He also threatened to get rid of a refugee deal with the down-under allies, calling it "dumb" in a post on Twitter on Wednesday evening. However, during a Thursday press briefing, Turnbull reassured the public that the relationship between America and Australia continues to be strong and refused to comment on the details of the conversation.

And this is not an isolated incident. It turns out that in his conversation with the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto he may have jokingly threatened to send U.S. troops down south to stop the "bad hombres." Even if it's just a joke, that suggestion is terrifying. Mexico denies that anything negative was said on their call, and Turnbull has tried to paint a glossier picture of his exchange too. These #ReasonsTrumpHangsUp tweets might be all too indicative of our future foreign policy.

1) It Seems Small Hands Aren't Just Problematic For Walls

Maybe he needs to get a Bluetooth headset, although that would potentially affect the White House's great sound on their beautiful phones.

2) He Introduces Himself As "President"

Maybe, though, foreign leaders can control themselves better than the general public.

3) There Was One Call That Didn't End Early

It's a presidential honeymoon somewhere.

4) He Doesn't Know 1-800-COLLECT

Mexico wouldn't accept the call anyway.

5) It's Not A Hang Up

Kellyanne Conway will deem it an "alternative disconnection."

6) Some Australian Humor

Evidently Australian phone companies (Telstra is one) have problems too. It's basically "Can you hear me now?" but not for an advertisement.

7) Easier To Get Down Under Humor

"How's you going, President Trump?" - Turnbull

"I'm not going anywhere and neither are those refugees!" - Trump

"In Australia that means, 'How are you?'" - Turnbull.


8) Bad Aussie Jokes

Get it? Wall, wallaby...

9) Behind Every President Is ...

10) It's Not His Preferred Topic

And it's probably the media asking anyway.

11) Someone's Being Frozen Out

Liberty and Justice don't text either.

12) Keeping Reality & Movies Separate

That movie is 30 years old and the guy who played Crocodile Dundee is old.

13) More Confusing Down-Under Lingo

He probably assumes everything he doesn't understand is a joke on his behalf, because, well ...

14) The Inauguration Numbers Again

There's probably a really good angle from Sydney of the millions of people.

15) Would He Even Pick Up?

Cutting the IRS' budget so they can't afford to make calls is one way to handle that.

These are just jokes, of course, but diplomacy is no joking matter. Hopefully the newly confirmed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson can do some cleanup — and not just with Russia.