15 Ways We Rebelled In The '90s

by Megan Grant

These days, it's easy to be a bit of a troublemaker. All you have to do is post the wrong photo online and you're all set. But there were more creative ways we rebelled in the '90s, in a time before we documented every boring detail of our lives and actually had to do things in person. Of course, our rebellious acts were a lot tamer then than they are now. Today's children have the world in the palm of their hands thanks to smartphones — and it doesn't always end well; but for children of the '90s, all it took was a couple rolls of toilet paper, maybe some silly string, and your neighbor's front yard to be a rebel.

If you really think about it, you probably miss being a kid in the '90s. Your rebellious acts were mostly harmless, and nobody ever really got hurt — except for that one time you hid your brother's inhaler under the sink. That wasn't very funny. Being a rebel wasn't about posting a revealing Instagram picture or detailing every wild night you have when you're newly single, making sure that your ex sees it all over Facebook. We're talking about a time when "advanced technology" meant Tamagotchis, and prank phone calls were wild behavior. Back in the '90s, this is how you rebelled...


You Brought Your Tamagotchis To Class — And Totally Didn't Leave Them In Your Backpack Like You Were Supposed To

Our teachers always warned, "I better not see a Tamagotchi." And we'd be all, "Eat my shorts, lady!" Didn't they understand that we're talking about a living, breathing creature here?


You Recorded A Cartoon Over Mom's Favorite VHS

You can imagine her surprise — and fury — when she popped in her Jane Fonda fat-blasting workout and saw an episode of Doug instead.


You Dumped A Whole Bag Of Pop Rocks In Your Mouth All At Once

You laughed in the face of danger!


Or Washed Them Down With Pop

Ok, maybe that was a little stupid... BUT SO COOL.


You Made Prank Calls On Dad's Flip Phone

This was when we still got charged for minutes, and then your dad would scream, "Do you think I'm made of money?" And you'd be like, "...Yeah?"


You'd Wear Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops To School

The dress code clearly stated all straps needed to be at least two fingers wide, but you were never one to follow the rules.


Or Wear Shorts That Definitely Didn't Reach Your Fingertips

Principal Dumb-Dumb sent your home to change and then you just never came back, because why didn't the boys have a dress code too?


You'd Spell Naughty Words On Your TI-83 Calculator

*giggle* Boobs *giggle*


You'd Write In Pen Instead Of A No. 2 Pencil

It wasn't even the kind that came with an eraser, either. You liked living life on the edge. Teacher was not happy.


You'd Color Your Hair With Highlighter

Your parents specifically told you not to do this — something about toxic chemicals or whatever. But you loved the way you looked with hot pink streaks.


You'd Swallow Your Bazooka Bubble Gum

Everyone said that when you swallowed your gum, it would stay in your stomach for eight years. So you did it on purpose. Also, you were too lazy to walk to the garbage can every time your teacher asked you to spit it out.


You'd Totally Sneak Into R-Rated Movies

And then when your mom found the ticket stub for Titanic, you lied and said it was your sister's.


You Borrowed Your Mom's Makeup When She Wasn't Around

She might not have noticed if you hadn't doused yourself in her perfume too. That was a dead giveaway.


You Went To A Boy-Girl Sleepover And Completely Lied About It

And you played 7 Minutes in Heaven with your crush. Never got caught, either. Mwahah!


You Ate Pizza Rolls For Dinner When Your Mom Had To Work Late

And you did it on purpose just because she told you not to. Suckaaa!