15 Sports Documentaries To Stream During The Olympics, From 'Icarus' To 'Venus & Serena'

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There's only a few days of the 2018 Winter Olympics remaining, and if you've been wrapped up in all the sport, spectacle, and drama, it's not going to be easy waiting two full years for the Tokyo 2020 Summer games to come around. To ease your way back into normal, boring, Olympic-free life, now is the time to slowly tear yourself away from the nonstop coverage and onto some readily available streaming content. Here are 15 sports documentaries to watch during the Olympics that will be there for you long after the closing ceremonies.

With fierce competition, individual determination and clearly defined goals, sports and documentaries go together like sequins and ice dancing — a winning combination that dazzles. Some of the docs here focus more on pageantry, like The Fabulous Ice Age's history of ice dancing pizazz and showmanship, or Vision of Eight's different artistic interpretations of the 1972 Olympic games. Others focus on the two-way influence of champions, like I Am Bolt or Venus And Serena, where the sport molded the individual only to have the individuals change the sport forever.

The one thing these documentaries all have in common with the Olympics is that you'll be able to watch athletes at the peak of their strength and agility sweat and struggle while lounging at home in your pajamas. Ah, the sweet thrill of coziness.