15 Steamy Indie Romances To Look Out For This Summer

by Kamrun Nesa
Ashley Batz/Bustle

Ah, summer. Time to pack your bags and hit the beach or plan a quick getaway... with your stack of steamy romance novels in tow. Not that there is ever a bad time to read romance books, but reading them in the summer feels doubly satisfying because of the beautiful weather and all the optimism and lovey dovey feelings these books elicit. If you're book-crazed like me and follow authors, bookstagrammers, and bloggers on social media, then you probably see an influx of announcements of upcoming books that you're constantly adding to your never-ending To-Be-Read list.

Given how addicting and quick it is to go through romances, there's something really satisfying in getting a new book from your favorite author almost instantly. The self-publishing phenomenon was huge a few years ago, but its popularity has remained steady. Indie books assure readers they don't have to play the waiting game nearly as much because books are pretty much ready to go as soon as authors hit the "Publish" button on Amazon or whatever self-publishing platforms they use.

If you're restless to get your hands on a hot romance, here are 15 new steamy indie romances that will satiate our appetites this summer.


'Stay' by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

What happens when you realize the person you're virtually assisting is your longtime crush? When Hailey Taylor Emery discovers that she's actually assisting hockey star Matt Erikkson through a virtual anonymous assistant app, she figures there's no harm in flirting with someone she wasn't going to ever meet. Little did they realize how deep their attraction for each other would run.

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'The Knocked Up Plan' by Lauren Blakely

As content as Nicole Powers is with her life, she knows she wants to have a baby... with her sexy co-worker Ryder Lockhart. Ryder, a commitment-phobe, agrees after learning that it's no-strings-attached, but the more time they spend together, the more they realize what they had originally proposed may not be what they want anymore.

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'Lost Love' by Kelly Elliot

A small-town romance about a man who is back in his hometown and comes face-to-face with the woman he had left behind years ago.

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'The Catch' by K. Bromberg

The conclusion to baseball royalty Easton Wylder and sports therapist Scout Dalton's tumultuous romance.

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'Cocky Client: A Novella' by Whitney G.

A sexy one-night-stand ends up being the cocky new client.

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'Wicked Grind' by J. Kenner

A wicked romance about a photographer on the rise and a model who wants to shed her good girl persona.

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'Beautiful Mistake' by Vi Keeland

She assumed he was a cheating egomaniac; turns out, she's his new teaching assistant.

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'Sin' by Emma Hart

What happens when the cocky businessman you have the hots for wants to buy your bar? An enemies-to-lovers romance that is sure to live up to its title.

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'Trust' by Kylie Scott


'Racer' by Katy Evans

Brooke and Remy's son Racer Tate makes his sexy debut in the spinoff of the Real series.

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'Beneath The Truth' by Meghan March

A dark best friend's sister romance set in the Beneath world of New Orleans.

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'Royally Endowed' by Emma Chase

Ellie Hammond has always had a crush on her bodyguard Logan St. James. And as a relative of the royal family of Wessco, she is encouraged to marry someone with a title and settle down. Both are from different worlds but despite the the nature of their relationship, Ellie and Logan will soon realize that sometimes your happily-ever-afters are right in front of you.

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'The Soul Mate' by Kendall Ryan

What happens when your one-night-stand ends up being the father of your unborn child... and your OB-GYN?

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'Hideaway' by Penelope Douglas

A dark and gritty new romantic suspense that is the second book in the Devil's Night series.

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'Love Another Day' by Lexi Blake

Former soldier Brody Carter is assigned to protect Dr. Stephanie Gibson, but he didn't realize how hard he'd fall for her. When he leaves her after their one night together, she is forced to harbor a secret that will both of their lives. But what she doesn't realize is that regardless of where he is, Brody will always be her shield.

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