15 'The Lion King' Accessories To Shop Because Simba Is Always In Style

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The Lion King has dominated pop culture since the '90s, thanks to the blockbuster animated film and the hit Broadway musical. Simba's powerful coming-of-age story, the characters of Pride Rock, and the refrain of "Hakuna Matata" have wholly connected with fans. There are plenty of The Lion King accessories, ranging from bracelets to bangles to bags, because Simba is always in style. Fans can shop these pieces while patiently waiting for the film reboot to hit multiplexes on July 19.

Mufasa's fierceness, Simba's cuteness, and the universal "no worries" mantra of the signature song all factor into the jewelry, bags, and shoes inspired by The Lion King's enduring and relatable story. Several pieces from Hot Topic and BoxLunch are inexpensive. They can be piled on with other items you already own or be worn until they fall apart. Disney's own Couture Kingdom offers The Lion King-themed jewelry that should last you through several seasons of wear. Meanwhile, designer Danielle Nicole has created a gorgeous and on-trend belt bag featuring Simba's silhouette. There truly is something for every level of The Lion King fan — from casual to diehard.

Below are 15 The Lion King accessories that will add just the right dash of Disney to your ensemble and your look. These pieces will announce your love of Simba and his Pride Rock crew in both subtle and obvious ways.

1. Disney The Lion King Mosaic Characters Necklace

This trendy, gold bar pendant featuring Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Mufasa, Simba, and more is an affordable way to show off your The Lion King love. The chain features an extender so you can adjust the link and style this necklace in multiple ways.

2. Disney The Lion King Rafiki Hanging Necklace

If you like fun and funky jewelry, this necklace featuring Rafiki hanging out and holding onto his signature staff is just what your neck needs. You can layer it with other The Lion King-themed jewelry or rock it a la carte. It truly is that cool.

3. Disney The Lion King Besties Lace-Up Sneakers

These simple sneakers will add a "kick" of cuteness to any OOTD, courtesy of those instantly familiar graphics. Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are featured on the toes, while "Hakuna Matata" is stamped on the outside heel of each shoe. You will notice a spring in your step when wearing this pair.

4. Oh My Disney Simba Tote Bag

You cannot go wrong with this textured tote. It boasts a cute yet important quote from the film, along with a gorgeous rendering of Simba and a side pocket. Ditch your ratty old carryall and replace it with this stylish and structured option.

5. Disney The Lion King Statement Necklace

This Mufasa necklace is defined by the detailing in his epic mane. Ultimately, it's a classic piece that you will keep and wear for years to come.

6. Disney The Lion King Bangle

If you love to pile bracelets on your wrists, you so need to add this black and gold bangle to your stack. It features the unforgettable and inspiring "Hakuna Matata" phrase, which'll remind you to think positive each and every day.

7. Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata Cord Bracelet

Of course the "Hakuna Matata" phrase factors prominently into most The Lion King merch. This cord bracelet is a simple style that looks best when worn on its own.

8. Disney The Lion King Coil Hair Elastic Set

These metallic hair coils in gold, rose gold, and silver, are multi-taskers that feature The Lion King charms. Why bother with basic, black, and stretchy hair ties when you can have something a little fancier, like so? Plus, you can repurpose them as bracelets when you wear your hair down.

9. Simba The Lion King Alex and Ani Disney Bracelet

The ever-lovable Simba dangles from this skinny and, ahem, charming Alex and Ani bangle. You can wear this with Alex and Ani pieces that you already own for that always trendy and stacked look.

10. Lion Cub Belt Bag

Belt bags are a huge trend right now since they allow you to go hands-free while toting all your valuables. This super stylish fanny pack features a shimmering, gold Simba. You can seriously rock it with any outfit — an LBD, skinnies, shorts, or a skirt — or across your chest, which is another huge trend.

11. Disney The Lion King Pumbaa Enamel Pin

No leather jacket is complete without an enamel pin on the lapel or collar. You can make your leather jacket pop with this Pumbaa pin and he will ride sidecar with you wherever you go. You can also stick him on a hat brim or a bag strap.

12. Disney The Lion King Simba Suede Double Choker

The layered necklace trend always looks amazing. But pairing several strands means that things can get knotted, twisted, and messy. This self-contained double choker gives the look of layers and has a The Lion King charm, while eliminating all of the tangle.

13. Loungefly Disney The Lion King Simba & Nala Mini Backpack

Simba and Nala get playful in the graphics of this black and white striped backpack with gold hardware. It's perfect for storing essentials when commuting to work or school. Plus, all your friends will see how much you love The Lion King.

14. Loungefly Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata Crossbody Bag

This golden and faux-leather accordion crossbody bag is all about details. There's a golden Simba plaque, a Pride Rock bag charm, a Pride Lands crossbody strap, and matching interior lining. It's a great choice for festival season and when you want to travel light.

15. The Lion King Cooler Tote

You'll be the coolest person at the beach with this 24-can capacity tote featuring the silhouettes of your favorite characters. It's a multi-tasker that can also be used for quick shopping trips. Regardless of its purpose, it's a stylish and effective bag.

There are lots of other The Lion King accessories available to shop. However, these 10 pieces offer an excellent way to express yourself and your love for an impactful film, story, and characters.

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