15 Times Phoebe On 'Friends' Was Legit The Most Relatable Character Ever

It's hard to choose a favorite Friends character because they all serve such distinctive, necessary roles. But if you really had to choose, you'd probably say Phoebe Buffay, right? Come on, admit it — even though the character is zany, you probably have moments when you deeply relate to Phoebe on Friends. She always keeps it real, even if that means being brutally honest at times. And while she might have more eccentricities than the average person, Phoebe's willingness to be herself at all time is something most people can admire. She's probably made a hilarious mistake in more than one episodes that's made you laugh and say, "I would totally do that," too.

While Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler, and even sometimes Joey, have romantic flings complicating their friendships, Phoebe remains a "true blue" friend at all times. Even though this means often getting caught in the middle — something everyone can also probably relate to — Phoebe demonstrates how loyalty and honesty can go a long way. Not only that, but the way that she so often speaks her mind (if at inopportune times) is pretty inspiring. And that's why Phoebe, whether you like to admit it or not, is you. Even if you don't normally say the things that Phoebe says out loud, you've definitely thought them, and that's what makes her so great.

When She Forgets Why She's Mad At Ross

Phoebe might forget why she's mad at Ross, but she still gets even with him by calling his names. Hey, sometimes playfully fighting with your friends can be fun even if you forget how it started.

When She Speaks Her Truth When Asked To Help Out

At moments like these, Phoebe creates a script that everyone could probably use in their daily lives. Let the "Oh I Wish I Could, But I Don't Want To" Revolution begin.

When She Checks With Rachel Before Setting Up Ross

Sure, Phoebe's plan backfires, but it's always best to check with your friend before setting up their ex with another person. Phoebe, as always, means well.

When She Calls Chandler Out For Making A Bad First Impression

"It's just like you're trying too hard... You come off a little needy," Phoebe says. Hey, if you can't be brutally honest with your closest friends, who can be?

When She Tries To Help Monica But Makes It Worse

In another hilarious misstep, Phoebe gives Monica a terrible haircut, which in all honesty is what most people who aren't trained professionals would do.

When She Knows Her Worth

Everyone (hopefully) has those moments when they're overcome with satisfaction over their own awesomeness, and Phoebe's had many of those self-love breakthroughs.

When She Talks About "The Universe"

Talking about god at a party won't necessarily fly with your fellow millennials, but talking about the universe almost always garners a positive response.

When She Freaks Out When Finding Out Her Friends Are Hooking Up

Is there any other way to react than Phoebe-like screaming? Nope, probably not.

When She Lies To Protect Her Friend

Phoebe keeps everyone's secrets, and she often has to pretend she doesn't know something before another friend finds out. For all of the middlemen out there, this one's for you.

When She Struggles At Athletics

You know when your friend brings you to a fancy new exercise class and you're totally confused? Phoebe provides the perfect guide to get through it, and that is to fail with confidence.

When She Brags About Herself

Hey, humble bragging or even not-so-humble-bragging can be a totally necessary thing to do, and everyone probably has their moments when they need to remind their friends not to underestimate them.

When She Realizes That Babysitting Isn't As Easy As Expected

It's almost a rite of passage to be in over your head while babysitting at least once or twice in your life.

When She Lets Her Sense Of Humor Go Too Far And Changes Her Name

Who hasn't taken a joke too far? In Phoebe's case, she legally changes her name.

When She Leaves Monica's Wedding To Get Rachel A Pregnancy Test

Nothing says loyalty like leaving an event to get your friend a pregnancy test, and you know you would do that for your ride-or-die.

When She Curses In Front Of Ross' Kid

Similarly to a babysitting blunder, this one probably has happened to you once or twice in your life.

Phoebe Buffay made Friends the best.