16 Gifts To Get Your BFF On Valentine’s Day That Will Show Them How Much They Mean To You

by Brittany Bennett
Urban Outfitters

Valentine's Day is supposedly about celebrating romantic love. But, everyone knows — whether they're in a relationship or not, it's really their best friend who's their truest love and soulmate. Even if you are going all in on Galentine's Day on Feb. 13, there's no harm in showering your bestie with gifts twice in February. Heaven knows they deserve one or more of these best friend Valentine's Day 2018 gifts. Think about how they're on call 24/7 for your exclusive BFF hotline. Yeah.

Every inside joke, every Saturday spent lounging in front of the TV together, every road trip, and every hiking misadventure is a gift in and of itself. Having someone be your personal diary, your personal security detail against the rude people who interrupt your life, and your go-to emergency contact is incredibly special, and it shouldn't be taken for granted. Your appreciation for your bestie's existence can be and should be paraded as often as possible.

Thankfully the gift giving holidays keep on happening. Meaning, there are more opportunities to get your best friend something nice, or funny, or something so ridiculous that only they would understand the meaning and sentiment. So who is to say you have to have a boo to participate in Valentine's Day? As far as I'm concerned, if you have a best friend, you have a date. And someone to buy flowers for.

Pixie Mood Jacqueline Pouch

Jacqueline Pouch, $35, Pixie Mood

Because your best friend is stylish but also conscious and empathetic (reasons number one and two why you love them). These vegan bags by Pixie Mood are PETA-approved, and they don't slack on the fashion.

Candy Heart Cookies

Heart Candy Cookies, 3 for $10 or 1 for $4.50, In-Store Only, Baked NYC

Who doesn't love being gifted with surprise desserts? My best friend once sent a dozen donuts to my cubicle and it was the best surprise of my life. Baked NYC knows how to whip up a cookie — so don't let your best friend go without hearts this Valentine's Day. The cookies are only available in stores on Feb. 13 and Feb. 14, but Baked NYC has an online shop stocked with sweets!

Best Friend Back Print T-Shirt

Best Friend Back Print T-Shirt, $21.71, Etsy

Because sometimes best friend necklaces aren't enough.

Anti-Valentine's Day Wine Labels

Anti-Valentine's Day Wine Labels, $5, Etsy

Was the last text you sent your best friend, "can you pick up a bottle of wine?" If so, this is the perfect gift to giggle over. Custom labels seem to be an option here, so get ~creative~.

Meaningful Studs In A Bottle

Meaningful Studs In A Bottle, $20, Free People

The gorgeous stud collection from Free People will keep your bestie looking their best, while also reminding them that they deserve all of the love, joy, and harmony this world has to offer.

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin, $32, Uncommon Goods

You know how hard your best friend works. Remind them that they deserve to treat themselves every once in a while with this spa gift kit.

9 Cm. Assorted Desert Rose Echeveria Succulent Plant (3-Pack)

Assorted Desert Rose Echeveria Succulent Plant (3-Pack), $14.36, Home Depot

Your best friend doesn't need a green thumb in order to take care of a few succulents. They're notoriously hard to kill (though it is possible, note) so you're not passing a huge responsibility off on someone who isn't into gardening. Succulents can transform a plain room into a positive environment. Inspire your besties space with some green!

Babe Mug

Babe Mug, $10, Urban Outfitters

Just so your bestie is reminded every morning that they are, in fact, a babe.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, $69, Urban Outfitters

Up your best friend's Instagram game and maybe get a new profile picture for yourself.

Cocktail Grow Kit

Cocktail Grow Kit, $12, Uncommon Goods

If your best friend does have a green thumb, this could be the perfect gift.

Facing Forward Glass

Facing Forward Glass, $12, Anthropologie

Contribute to your best friend's kitchen with cute glasses.

Farmgirl Flowers Fresh Cut Bouquet

Farmgirl Flowers Fresh Cut Bouquet, $68, Terrain

It's a classic, and fresh flowers are always appreciated.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sauce

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sauce, $12, Terrain

Recommended eating method is with a spoon straight from the jar.

Raise A Glass Card

Raise A Glass Card, $24, Coral & Tusk

Write your best friend something sweet on a card they'll want to hang on their wall.

Boogie All Night Sunnies

Boogie All Night Sunnies, $25, Free People

If you get yourself a pair as well, then these funky sunnies can be the new best friend necklace.

Fireside Faux Fur Pillow

Fireside Faux Fur Pillow, $58, Anthropologie

A pillow can make a room and double as a cuddle partner substitute. It's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the best friends out there who define true love!