16 April Fools’ Day Pranks To Play On Friends That Are Impressively Creative

by Alli Hoff Kosik

Once again, April Fools' Day is upon us, and with it, seemingly endless opportunities to embarrass and be embarrassed by your friends. I'm not much of a prankster myself, but I can appreciate a classic Apr. 1 trick as much as the next person — assuming, of course, that the person being pranked has some hope of regaining their dignity and doesn't emerge with too many bruises (physical, emotional, or otherwise). With that in mind, I've scoured the internet for mischief inspo, and have compiled this list of creative April Fools' Day pranks to play on your friends.

The best thing about the pranks listed below? For the most part, they don't require a lot of planning or supplies, so if you're an unlikely prankster like myself and wake up on April Fools' Day suddenly intrigued by the idea of stirring up some trouble with your pals, you should be able to pull off just about any of these. In my humble opinion, half of the beauty of pranking is in the spontaneity and the simplicity, and these pranks definitely deliver there.

It is 2018, so if you decide to give any of these a try, I fully expect some photographic (or better yet, video) proof. If a prank falls in the forest and a smartphone doesn't capture it, did it really happen?

Zip Tie Febreeze

A few sprays of air freshener can be a real saving grace in a stinky room, but too much of a good thing can be too much — even when it comes to Febreeze! Wrap a zip tie around the trigger of a Febreeze spray bottle to get a continuous (we're talkin' nonstop) flow going. Hide it in your friend's apartment and let them track the smell-"good" culprit down.

Paint A Bar Of Soap With Clear Polish

If your pal prefers a bar of soap to its liquid counterpart, they're leaving you with a wide open pranking opportunity. Sneak into the bathroom with a container of clear polish in your pocket and apply a thin layer all over the soap. Your friend will find that it's decidedly resistant to lathering up when they go for a scrub later.

Swap Out Oreo Cream For Mayo

Messing with someone's food is kind of the ultimate cruelty, but this prank is harmless... if a little gross. Assuming your friend stocks their pantry with Oreos, you can scrape out the cream frosting and add a little mayo in its place before suggesting that you share a cookie snack. Be sure that the Oreos are served quickly. Pranking your friend with mayonnaise is one thing, but pranking your friend with mayonnaise that's gone bad? Now we're getting into dangerous territory.

Throw A Surprise Balloon Party

Pack your pal's car, cubicle, or bedroom with all the helium-filled balloons. It's the only prank that will both slow them down substantially and brighten up their day.

Post-it Paint Job

Not a friend of the paint job on your friend's car? Even if you are, you can give it a temporary update with a few dozen packs of sticky notes. You can pull this one off overnight or during your lunch break. Personalize it further by adding notes or drawings to the individual Post-Its.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Let's have a little fun with phones, shall we? Borrow your friend's device and create a line-up of wildly inconvenient keyboard shortcuts within their settings app. Set everyday words like "okay" or "hi" to turn into long, absurd words or phrases. If your friend is even a little tech savvy, they'll probably figure it out pretty quickly — but it will be a pretty hilarious few minutes in the meantime!

Swap Out Packaged Sweets For Veggies

Is there a friend in your circle who's especially veggie-averse? Stop by with a box of donuts or fresh cookies... but not before you've switched out the baked goods for some raw spinach or broccoli.

Change Your Contact Name To "Mom"

I know this feels like a lot of phone-related pranks, but given how much time we all spend on our devices, it only makes sense that they'd been the prime target for a little harmless April Fools' fun. Update your contact information in your friend's phone so that your name is "Mom," then follow up later in the day with some un-Mom-like messages.

Swap In An Airhorn For A Door Wall Protector

Do you prefer a louder prank? Use duct tape to attach an airhorn to the rubber bumper that protects the wall from the door handle in your co-worker's office. They'll get quite a surprise — and an earful — when they walk in the door.

Chewing Gum Hair Clip

This is a simple prank, but also a great opportunity to see just how much your friend has your back, even if it's a little awkward. Pick up a chewing gum hair clip, slip it into your locks, and see how long it takes for your pal to mention that you might have a sticky problem on your hands. When they rush to find some peanut butter to help you remedy the situation, you know you're looking at a true friend.

Mailbox Surprise

Stick a dinosaur figurine or plastic lizard in your friend's mailbox. If you prefer a kinder, gentler prank, you can use a cute stuffed animal or balloon instead.

Brown E's, Not Brownies

This prank seems to be popular among the Pinterest Mom set, but its simplicity and sense of wordplay makes it perfect for just about anyone. Promise your friends or colleagues a tray of brownies (the chocolate ones) on Apr. 1, but show up with a tray of letter E's cut out of brown construction paper. Cover the tray with foil to up the surprise factor.

Offer Caramel Onions

OK, so... this one is pretty mean. Get yourself in the kitchen and use onions in place of apples in a caramel apple recipe. Offer one to a friend... then run away. Clearly, the time you use to do this and the ingredients you buy are going to all go to waste, so be ready for that.

Shake Up Ice Cube Trays

Sneak into a pal's ice cube tray and have a field day. You can drop Mentos or other candy into water before it freezes or pour in a different liquid instead.

Make The Tap Run Red

Use a Q-tip to swab the inside of your friend's faucet with red food coloring and watch as the water runs red. If you like the general idea of this prank but don't want things to look quite so bloody, you can use another color!

Create Some Random Alarms

Let's finish things up with one more way to mess with your friend's phone. Borrow their device and set a bunch of random alarms to go off throughout the day and night. The more, the merrier! Why not use different ringtones while you're at it to really make things extra annoying?