16 Creative Ways New Yorkers Are Dealing With Winter Storm Stella

Yana Paskova/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Despite spring being one week away, the U.S. Northeast was pummeled by Stella, a severe snowstorm initially predicted to bring over a feet of snow to some regions, on Tuesday. Forecasts estimating that New York City would face between 12-16 inches ultimately turned out to be inaccurate, but the majority of the city was still impacted by the bad weather. Most businesses were closed, all public schools received a snow day, public transit experienced massive changes, and grocery stores were practically cleared out by hordes of people stocking up on food (and wine — lots of wine).

With New York City being one of the most fast-paced and busy metropolises in the world, it inevitably follows that New Yorkers aren't accustomed to days in which they have little to no options of places to go to or things to do. But there were a lot of people who managed to make the best out of the day in pretty awesome and, in some cases, unique ways. If you're looking for some inspiration on how to get through Stella, or any future snowstorm for that matter, check out how these Big Apple residents passed the time as ice covered their city.


Times Square is the most crowded, touristy place in NYC. Why not take advantage of it being empty by getting a tennis ball and playing a game of golf?

2. Working From The Snow

Skipping the office for the day.

3. Enriching Their Taste In Movies

Perfect opportunity to get acquainted with these films, no?

4. Keep On Keeping On

Snow doesn't make New Yorkers less busy.

5. Stocking Up On Essentials

If you're going to be stuck inside all day, might as well.

6. Extreme Snowdaying

The gif in the tweet above is actually from December, when vlogger Casey Neistat took the chance to go snowboarding around a snowy New York City. But while that was in December, it looks like Neistat is plotting something for Stella...

7. Fulfilling Their Dreams

You have to seize these moments when they come.

8. Celebrating Pi(e) Day

Good to see Pi Day still getting some love. Too bad most New Yorkers won't be able to take advantage of all those deals on pizza and pie.

9. Making Memes

The Trump administration can be memed for any occasion.

10. Innovating

At least someone is getting use out of the snow.

11. Bonding With Puppies

Puppies proving once again that they make everything better.

12. Learning New Things

Great opportunity to pick up this vital survival skill.

13. Calling Out The Media

Just another example of journalists and meteorologists letting everyone down again.

14. Providing Access To Emergency Services

This is so comforting to hear.

15. Arresting Ponies

Two ponies made a dash for freedom during the storm. Police caught up with the pair and returned them to their owners.

16. Looking For "Blizzard Buddies"

The New York City section of Craigslist was riddled with ads made by people searching for "buddies" to "cuddle" with during the storm.

Fortunately for New Yorkers, Stella was downgraded from "blizzard" status after projections decreased from 12-16 inches of snow to 4-6 inches.