16 Earth Day 2017 Quotes To Share On Facebook & Appreciate The Planet With

If you're far away from the March for Science taking place in Washington D.C, but still looking for a way to commemorate Earth Day on April 22, 2017, never fear — Facebook quotes are here. These Earth Day quotes to share online are the perfect way to take note of Earth Day in 2017 without having to buy an expensive plane ticket to D.C.

Now these quotes vary when it comes to advocating for planet Earth. Some talk more on human nature within Earth, while others focus on Mother Nature herself. The hope with this variety is to give others a broad perspective of how much Earth Day really does mean to people. It's more than just being green; it's about treating the Earth with respect, while also treating those around you with respect as well.

Sure our world is no where close to having world peace, but we do share a planet together — which means caring for this planet as much as we possibly can. Because even if you feel climate change isn't real, there is no denying that we make an impact on the Earth around us. The way you treat the Earth really can take a toll on nature, as well as those around you.

Make that statement on Facebook this Earth Day by sharing one of these empowering quotes below.

“Earth Day should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more sustainable and livable place.” — Scott Peters

“Every day is Earth Day, and I vote we start investing in a secure climate future right now.” — Jackie Speier


“There are dark shadows on the Earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.” — Charles Dickens

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Find out who you are and be that person. That's what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come.” — Ellen DeGeneres

“We are a plague on the Earth.” — David Attenborough


“Life on Earth is more like a verb. It repairs, maintains, re-creates, and outdoes itself.” — Lynn Margulis

“On Earth Day, we celebrate all the gifts the world and nature make available to us. We recognize our complete dependence on its bounty. And we acknowledge the need for good stewardship to preserve its fruits for future generations.” — John Hoeven

“If we are ever to halt climate change and conserve land, water and other resources, not to mention reduce animal suffering, we must celebrate Earth Day every day — at every meal.” — Ingrid Newkirk


“When we recognize the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

“We should honor Mother Earth with gratitude; otherwise our spirituality may become hypocritical.” — Radhanath Swami

“I feel very passionately that we need to take care of the planet and everything on it. Whether it's saving the Amazon or just being kind to those around you, we need to take care of each other and Mother Earth.” — Olivia Newton-John


“You cannot look up at the night sky on the Planet Earth and not wonder what it's like to be up there amongst the stars. And I always look up at the moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos.” — Tom Hanks

“Without the oceans there would be no life on Earth.” — Peter Benchley


“Sustainability, ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.” — Paul Hawken

“One who neglects or disregards the existence of earth, air, fire, water and vegetation disregards his own existence which is entwined with them.” — Mahavira