16 Literary Subscription Boxes To Give Your Friends, Based On Their Myers-Briggs

by Kerri Jarema

If you've been on the internet at all during the last few year, you know that literary subscription boxes are a huge trend. And with good reason. Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail every month filled with goodies they're almost 100% sure to love? But even as much as I love the idea of subscription boxes, it's not something I usually buy for myself. I have grabbed a couple of one-time boxes in the past, but overall the idea of putting a considerably chunk of money into something I want but don't necessarily need (not to mention the overwhelming amount of choice) has kept me from really committing to the bookish box... and I feel like a lot of people can probably relate.

But that is what makes this one of the ideal gifts for book lovers in your life. But how to decide just which to get them? Unless they've been dropping hints, you'll have to go off of why not their Myers-Briggs personality type? Of course any of the boxes below would make wonderful gifts whatever the reason you purchase them, but there's just something special about taking someone's true self into account when choosing their gift—even if you're just choosing it for yourself.

ENTP: The Strand Book Hookup Box

The Book Hookup, $50, The Strand

ENTPs are smart and curious thinkers, and The Strand's Book Hookup box is tailor made for them. The box comes in themes including Art & Photography, Feminist Literature and Political Non-Fiction, perfect for readers who want to expand their horizons and use their reading to keep learning and growing. And each box comes with some Strand exclusive goodies like their famous bookish pouches, keychains and stickers.

INTJ: Page Habit

Page Habit Box, $30, Page Habit

Ambitious, self-confident INTJ's will be obsessed with the Page Habit box. Because INTJs know exactly what they want, and Page Habit caters to readers who want their book boxes totally customizable. You can choose between a whopping eight different boxes, including Literary Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Horror and Romance, so they'll get exactly what they love every time. There are also special quarterly boxes that include a cookbook option, a rarity in the subscription box game.

ISTP: Hello Book Lover

Hello Book Lover: $30, The Hello Book Lover

All of you ISTPs out there probably know what its like to be both practical and rational while also a little bit averse to commitment. And the Hello Book Lover box is the ideal choice for the reader who can't always decide. Because each month you can choose between two different books that match the theme (for instance, November's "Cozy Comforts" box) or you can let them surprise you with their selection. And all of the fun goodies included will be the same no matter which book you get, so there's no missing out.

ENTJ: The Book Drop

The Book Drop Boxes, $9-$90, The Book Drop

Bold and strong-willed ENTJs are efficient and self-confident, and The Book Drop will definitely appeal to them. The Book Drop is run by avid book lovers at an independent bookstore in Bethany Beach, Delaware, and their goal is to bring the independent bookstore right to your door. Each box contains a hidden gem book that you may not have found otherwise (which is the real perk of indie stores to begin with) and depending on what genre you select, you'll receive one or two books.

ENFJ: OwlCrate

Owl Crate Boxes, $30, OwlCrate

ENFJs are reliable and charismatic, though they can struggle to make tough decisions. So let Owl Crate make all the big choices for them. This mainstay in the bookish box game can be trusted to choose some of the biggest and best young adult books to hit the shelves (recent picks include Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore and Mackenzi Lee's The Gentleman's Guide To Vice & Virtue) and some of the best in bookish goodies, from mugs and tote bags to candles and coffee.

ESFJ: Uppercase

Uppercase, $30, Uppercase

The ESFJ is incredibly caring, popular and loyal, so gift them Uppercase, which is one of the highest rated book boxes on the market. Each month they'll receive a brand new hardcover YA book, signed by the author, along with a couple of bookish goodies like pouches and stickers. You can also expect exclusive content like a personalized handwritten note and a behind-the-scenes video from the author.

ESTJ: Quarterlane

Quarterlane Boxes, $105, Quaterlane

Dedicated and strong-willed ESTJs won't want any other bookish box but Quarterlane. This quarterly box comes with anywhere from three to four books per box, perfect for the most avid readers out there, and each box is tailored to a classic theme, like Fall Fiction and The Reading Woman. Quarterlane subscription boxes are also some of the most luxuriously packaged we've seen, making them ideal for the chicest readers in your life.

ISFP: Inspired Book Club

Inspired Book Club Package, $103, Inspired Book Club

The ISFP is imaginative and artistic, while also being fiercely competitive with fluctuating self-esteem. So why not help them tap into their best selves with the Inspired Book Club? This box is all about empowerment, motivation, and good vibes. Past books include Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic and You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, and inspiring items have included everything from tea diffusers with attached crystals to candles.

ESTP: Shelflove

Shelflove Box, $30, Shelflove

ESTPs are known for being original and sociable, so they love nothing more than discovering something first and then telling everyone else all about it. And they'll love the Shelflove box, which focuses on specifically showcasing fantasy and sci-fi authors, perfect for anyone looking for their next favorite... or the next big thing. Past boxes included Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller, with bookish items like candles and bookmarks.

ESFP: My Bookbox

My Bookbox, $40, My Bookbox

The spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic ESFP won't be able to say no the My Bookbox, which is definitely one of the coolest subscription boxes out there. Because each month you get to choose two different books, from genres including young adult, non-fiction and women's fiction. Add in some great bookish goodies and you've got one of the best boxes out there if you're looking to get more bang for your buck.

ISFJ: Mirror Book Box

Mirror Book Box, $35, Mirror Book Box

ISFJs are dedicated, reliable, and imaginative, so reading diversely is probably one of the most important things in their bookish life. There is no better box for them than the Mirror Book Box. This one focuses on sharing diverse reads that are reflective of who we are now, with the aim of choosing hard-hitting novels that call into question what we think we know, teach us something new, and give us a broader perspective (think Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis). Of course, you'll get a nice selection of goodies with your book, too.

INFJ: Cozy Reader Club

Cozy Reader Box, $65, Cozy Reader Box

INFJs are quiet, mystical, and full of inspiring ideas, though their sensitivity and passion can lead to burn out. Help them get a little self-care through their reading time with the Cozy Reader Club box. Each box comes with a newly released hardcover book (past boxes included The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman and The Burning Girl by Claire Messud) and four to six full size items like hot cocoa, handmade socks, and other indulgent treats.

ISTJ: LitCube

The practical ISTJ will love LitCube, which has a different theme each month (think "Passport to Paris") and comes with one new book and tons of bookish goodies like necklaces, mugs, and even t-shirts. The book selections also span genres, so each month will be a pleasant surprise to readers who don't like to get stuck in a rut.

LitCube: $34.95 for one box

ENFP: Book Of The Month

All the ENFPs out there are super observant, popular, and curious, which makes Book Of The Month the perfect box for them. Each month, five judges (everyone from Bustle's Senior Books Editor Cristina Arreola to author Alexander Chee to Bookriot writer Liberty Hardy) choose one book and write a review. You get to choose one of those five carefully curated selections each month, and you get a discount on any additional picks.

Book Of The Month: $44.99 for a three boxes

INTP: Muse Monthly

INTPs are imaginative, original, and open-minded, so they'll adore Muse Monthly, which highlights books from debut authors and marginalized voices Each box also comes with a perfect tea pairing for any book-worm that loves a cozy night in... which, well, is pretty much every book-worm, right?

Muse Monthly: $32 for one box

INFP: Call Number

The poetic and altruistic INFP will love Call Number, the library-inspired monthly book subscription box that celebrates Black literature and authors. Created with the intention of promoting diversity through the literary works of authors from America, Africa, and the Caribbean, former boxes include books like Danzy Senna's New People and What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons.

Call Number: $45 for one box