16 Movies Starring 'West Wing' Actors You Can Stream If You're Seriously Missing The D.C. Gang

It's been over 10 years since Aaron Sorkin's compelling political drama The West Wing went off the air, but its influence still hangs heavily over television and real-life politics alike. After the 2016 election, many longed for the reaching-across-the-aisle diplomacy of President Bartlet's fictional presidency, and there are still plenty of people who'd prefer the rapid fire walk-and-talk interweaving political maneuverings to the 24-hour sideshow the current administration's presented. If that's the case, here are 16 movies starring your favorite West Wing actors you can stream if you need a change of political scenery.

While the idea of a proudly intellectual and universally respected president was firmly planted in the realm of fiction post-1990 (at least in the United States), fans loved the fantasy, and Bartlet's entire administration took their cue from his warm leadership. Though the show's main appeal was revealing the inner workings and nitty gritty of a political administration, it took enough soap opera turns (including a persistently concerning terrorist group kidnaping Bartlet's daughter) that most of these movies won't feel like complete fantasy by comparison.

It may just be actor typecasting, but Martin Sheen in particular keeps getting cast as presidents, though Richard Schiff, normally typecast as a doctor or lawyer, gets a slight change of pace in his most well-known role. These films give the chance to check out a couple more facets of The West Wing's cast.

'The American President'

Penned by Sorkin and starring Martin Sheen and Joshua Malina, this romantic political comedy is a far lighter take on some similar topics tackled in The West Wing.

Available on MaxGo.

'I, Tonya'

Although the movie is about Tanya Harding (Margot Robbie), Allison Janney steals the show as her chain-smoking, verbally abusive mom and coach.

Available on Hulu.

'Get Out'

Bradley Whitford is nearly unrecognizable as the too-hip yuppie dad in this unnerving horror movie.

Available on HBO Go.

'The Dead Zone'

Martin Sheen's not president yet in this one and definitely shouldn't be, if Christopher Walkin's psychic visions prove correct. But can you really assassinate someone based on the future?

Available on Hulu and TubiTV.

'Cop Land'

John Spencer is only one member of an entire corrupt squad Sylvester Stallone decides to stand up to in this Jersey-based drama.

Available on Showtime.

'The Departed'

His role as a police chief on the right side of the law prepping a young man as a mole to infiltrate the mafia makes it clear that Martin Sheen certainly tends to play a lot of authority figures.

Available on Netflix.


Allison Janney is fantastic in this dramedy co-starring Ellen Page.

Available on Netflix.


Another two-for-one as Alan Alda and Martin Sheen star in this adaptation of the epic anti-war novel.

Available on Kanopy.

'All The Way'

Bradley Whitford is once again president-adjacent in this biopic about the life of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Available on HBO Go.

'Other People'

Bradley Whitford plays the patriarch in this story of a family drawn together over tragedy and forced to reconcile (or not) their differences.

Available on Netflix.

'Life During Wartime'

This follow-up to Happiness follows Allison Janney and her two sisters as they try to move on from a shocking family trauma.

Available on Showtime.


Richard Schiff might have the worst client on earth to defend in this creepy serial killer murder mystery.

Available on Netflix.

'Kill The Messenger'

Martin Sheen and Richard Schiff star in this warped biopic of journalist Gary Webb, which follows CIA involvement in Contra cocaine trafficking in the mid-'90s.

Available on HBOGo.

'Bad Influence'

Rob Lowe wins over and intimidates James Spader in this tale of twisted male friendship.

Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

'9 To 5'

Lily Tomlin is fed up with her piggish boss, and joins Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda in taking back their jobs.

Available on HBOGo.

'Crimes And Misdemeanors'

Alan Alda plays a boorish in-law in this Woody Allen film.

Available on Max Go.

'Behind The Candelabra'

Though he's not the titular star of the show, Rob Lowe has a juicy role as Liberace's plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Startz.

Available on Amazon Prime and HBOGo.

While these few films aren't the same as four whole seasons of a show that perpetually makes top-10 Greatest TV Show lists, they'll certainly add a little something extra to your next dip into Sorkin's universe.