Twitter Won't Stop Mocking Paul Ryan's PowerPoint

by Morgan Brinlee
Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Amid bipartisan criticism of Republican legislature aimed at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, House Speaker Paul Ryan rolled up his sleeves to sell his fellow lawmakers on the bill. However, while Ryan may have been hoping his presentation would swing a few votes, images of Ryan's PowerPoint explainer of House Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill proved to be the perfect fodder for the latest viral meme. Now Twitter won't stop mocking Ryan's PowerPoint presentation skills.

Ryan used his weekly press conference Thursday to go over a few aspects of the American Health Care Act, legislation House Republicans have proposed as a means of replacing former President Barack Obama's health care reform law. As part of his presentation Ryan slipped out of his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves before explaining Republicans planned to overhaul Obamacare via a "three-pronged approach" centered on "Reconciliation," "Administrative Action," and "Additional Legislation." But because we live in an age where just about anything is only a few Photoshop tweaks away from becoming a meme, Ryan's attempt to sell Trumpcare — I mean, Republicans' American Health Care Act — has quickly become the latest Twitter joke.

Here are 16 chuckle-inducing Paul Ryan PowerPoint memes:

I Have A Question

Ryan's relaxed collegiate look quickly earned him the nickname "Professor Ryan" on Twitter.

Hard-Hitting Bullet Points

Whoever organized Ryan's PowerPoint seemed to have forgotten the internet's ability to Photoshop any flat surface.

But First, Look At This Tweet

Inspired by Ryan's recent interview with Jake Tapper and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's use of an enlarged tweet during a press briefing, one Twitter user Photoshopped a tweet into Ryan's PowerPoint.

Let Me Break It Down For You

One Twitter users showcased some of the resources Ryan could have used to explain Republicans' health care plan to the masses.

Debates The People Care About

Some Twitter users Photoshopped new slides into Ryan's PowerPoint in an attempt to bring the conversation around to something they found more appealing.

Meme In A Meme In A Meme

Twitter user Haley Byrd got a little meta by including a Paul Ryan meme inside a Paul Ryan meme.

Straight Out Of The Office

One Twitter user commented on the similarities between Ryan's PowerPoint explainer and meetings run by Michael Scott of NBC's The Office.

Step One, Be Healthy

In 2012, Ryan let Time magazine photograph him while he lifted weights. Those photos quickly found a new home in memes of Ryan's PowerPoint presentation.

When You're Trapped In A Paul Ryan Powerpoint

The Daily Show got in on poking fun at Ryan's PowerPoint by repeatedly Photoshopping his image into the meme.

No Cellphones Club

Rep. Keith Ellison is clearly not a fan of Republicans' plan to repeal and replace Obamacare nor of House Speaker Ryan.

Preparing For The Future

Some Twitter users speculated about what other PowerPoint presentations Ryan may have up his sleeves.

It's Simple

One Twitter user used the Ryan PowerPoint meme to reduce Republicans' American Health Care Act down to one simple point.

Who'll Be Covered?

One Twitter user speculated on who might lose their health insurance under Republicans' new plan, which has been dubbed Trumpcare.

Impossible Things

There were those who turned Ryan's PowerPoint into a discussion of impossible things.

If A Dog Wore Pants

Some Twitter users considered what Ryan breaking down questions that have haunted the American people for years — such as if a dog wore pants, how would he wear them — would look like.

The Issues That Drive Us

Some Twitter users speculated about what other topics the House Speaker might draw up PowerPoint presentations to explain.

Bernie Would Have Won

Did Ryan's PowerPoint on the American Health Care Act contain a hidden message about the 2016 presidential election? Not likely, but that didn't stop Twitter users from embedding one.

House Republicans are now attempting to ram the legislation, which has been heavily criticized by Democrats and Republicans, through Congress.