16 St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas That Will Totally Impress Your Guests

Luck is on our side, my friends, because St. Patrick's Day lands on a Friday in 2017. In other words, this year, you don't have to wait for the weekend to have your St. Patrick's Day party, and you can instead throw one right at home after work on Friday, Mar. 17. Pumped? Then I'm sure you're going to need some St. Patrick's Day party ideas for your at-home shindig.

When it comes to planning a killer St. Patrick's Day party, we have to go back to those Irish roots. This party list has all types of Irish favorites — like corned beef and hash, Irish coffee, celtic music, and more. But it also has some green decorations and delicious green foods for you to put together as well. And no, it's not green eggs and ham...

Some of these treats are healthier than others, so it's really up to you when it comes to the kind of food you want at your party. But there should be a general requirement for every St. Patrick's Day party that you must follow: Wear green, do an Irish jig, and watch Disney's The Luck of the Irish. Because we all know it's truly never St. Patrick's Day until you do.


Corned Beef & Hash

The Kitchn

It’s not a proper Irish party without corned beef and hash, right? Serve up a large plate of it for your friends by trying this curing recipe by The Kitchn.

Shamrock Crackers With Green Dip

Oh She Glows

Make your very own at-home wheat thins (in the shape of shamrocks, no less) with this recipe by Oh She Glows. If you’re not into the green dip, you could always make a huge bowl of guacamole for the chips instead!

Green Smoothies

Oh She Glows

Don’t feel like drinking? Looking for something festive and healthier? This green smoothie by Oh She Glows is exactly what you need!

Guinness Chocolate Pudding

Closet Cooking

Are you obsessed with Guinness? How about chocolate pudding? Want to put the two together for the perfect St. Patty’s dessert? Head over to Closet Cooking right now then!

Rainbow Fudge

Mom on Timeout

How can you find what’s at the end of the rainbow if you don’t have rainbow to begin with? This rainbow fudge by Mom on Timeout will solve that problem for you!

Key Lime Gooey Bars

Mom on Timeout

These gooey bars by Mom on Timeout are super green, but you’ll still want to pinch them anyways. Because they are just so darn cute and delicious.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Mom on Timeout

It’s like having a cheesecake, but way better. This cheese ball by Mom on Timeout is perfect for large parties. Serve with cookies, graham crackers, pretzels, and more!


The Nutty Irishman

Food Fanatic

This cocktail by Food Fanatic has all of your favorite Irish fixings for the perfect Irish coffee — Irish whiskey, Irish cream, Frangelico, of course, coffee.

Irish Buck

The Comfort of Cooking

Kind of like a Moscow Mule, but better! This cocktail by The Comfort of Cooking has Irish whiskey, lime, and ginger ale.

The Last Word

The Kitchn

Not a huge fan of Irish whiskey? Then this drink by The Kitchn will be your St. Patrick’s Day go-to!

Party Decor

Shamrock String Lights


Shamrock String Lights, $10.50, Amazon

Ditch the usual twinkly lights for these festive twinklies!

Green Chevron Paper Straws


Green Chevron Paper Straws (25 count), $3.99, Amazon

Sip on your cocktails with these cute straws!

Magical Rainbow Shirt


Magical Rainbow Shirt, $28 - $29, Amazon

You know, it may seem strange to wear a unicorn instead of a leprechaun or the usual four-leave clover on St. Patrick’s Day...but I don’t know, I just feel like you need this. It will be so completely unexpected. Everyone will love it.

St. Patrick’s Feather Headband


St. Patrick’s Feather Headband, $11.90, Amazon

And of course, a leprechaun hat to go with that shirt. What an outfit.

Novelty Accessory Set


Novelty Accessory Set (109 count), $12.95, Amazon

Make sure no one at your party gets pinched with these green St. Patrick’s Day themed accessories!

Party Ideas

Dance to Celtic Music


Find a celtic channel on Spotify or Apple Music and see who’s got the best Irish Step Dancing skills!