16 Trump TV Memes & Jokes To Distract You From How Scary This Actually Is

Facebook/Donald J. Trump

Trump TV is back for another episode, but this time a cable news pundit has joined the show. Following the script of Trump's daughter-in-law Lara who launched the web series last week, Kayleigh McEnany spent a few minutes on the president's Facebook page to share all the positive things coming out of the White House this week — and none of the negatives. Some criticized the segment as propaganda, but others took to Twitter just to make light of the show. These Trump TV memes and jokes will distract you from the more frightening aspects of the news channel, if just for a minute.

The minute-long video began with McEnany talking about jobs. She touted the statistic that under President Trump the economy has created one million jobs. But actually that's a rate slower than the last year under President Obama. McEnany didn't mention that.

Instead she moved on to the RAISE Act, which would limit legal immigration and prioritize immigrants that can speak English and meet other "merit-based" criteria. Of course it was billed as a way to improve the economic lot of the American worker. But studies show that increased immigration is actually good for the economy. But you won't see those facts on the "real news." And that's scary to a lot of American citizens. But all I can offer to help are some hilarious Twitter memes and jokes, because at this point, you might just want to take a break and laugh for a second.

1) Some Were Shocked By The Host's New Gig

Sam King on Twitter

Few would have guessed that would be her new job.

2) Maybe You're Overreacting

Lime Green Soda on Twitter

Assuming there's a signal might be a tad much.

3) Maybe The Number Of Hosts Will Still Grow

TheValuesVoter on Twitter

She needs some Fox friends.

4) Quality Is Not A Huge Concern Yet

Loko3 on Twitter

There were at least graphics on this week's episode.

5) Cartoons, Skits, & More To Come

Daily Cartoons on Twitter

Can Melissa McCarthy play her too?

6) Trump TV Only Has The Best Stories

Yolanda Richardson on Twitter

Their coverage is huge.

7) Who Wouldn't Agree?

Paige Winn on Twitter

Game of Thrones is the common ground.

8) Trump Cooking Channel

David McConville on Twitter

Maybe they can make borscht.

9) The Comparison Is Scary Yet Funny

María Pirner on Twitter

Just because of the graphics though.

10) Real Housewives Of The White House

Lucy Ortiz on Twitter

Something needed to fill the gap of The Apprentice.

11) Another Actual Criticism

AnnCoultersWig on Twitter

Funny though.

12) Presidential Product Placement

Mr C&D demographic on Twitter

We're living in a government version of the Josie and the Pussycats movie.

13) Throwing That Shade

Joy Reid on Twitter

It's getting rough.

14) The TV Guide Review Is Gonna Be Rough

Marie Connor on Twitter

But people bought all those other things too.

15) Serious Criticism Is Also Needed

Red T Raccoon on Twitter

It'd be great if we could just sit and laugh. But this is a scary situation the country finds itself in.

16) At Least It's Hard To Find

Seth Abramson on Twitter

Luckily it's not on a television dial near you yet. But the fact that it could be is enough. Laugh away and then ponder just how serious this kind of thing could become.

Make sure you stay informed of all the news, not just what Trump wants you to hear.