17 Beauty Hacks Every Grown-Ass Woman Needs To Know

by Emily Estep

Any savvy woman likes discovering new ways to optimize her life, and for those of us who wear makeup, style our hair, or enjoy an indulgent skin care routine, these genius beauty hacks can really help you achieve that.

Whether you're a casual makeup wearer or a straight-up beauty guru, there are tons of ways you can streamline your current routine with some helpful products. These will either save you time or help you become an expert at whatever it is you're having trouble mastering — and can leave you feeling confident that your routine will go smoothly every time you do it.

Best of all, these are seriously simple beauty hacks. When you're gearing up for a busy day, or touching up before a night out, there obviously isn't time to figure out how some weird new makeup product works. These reliable products are super easy to use and work every time.

Every grown-ass woman has a right to the most time-saving, stress-reducing, clever AF beauty hacks discovered by the women who came before them. These products will help you hack your way right into a better beauty routine — no matter how often you choose to pamper or primp.


Use The Same Brush For Different Applications Using This Sponge

GooMart Makeup Brushes Color Cleaner Sponge, $7, Amazon

This makeup brush cleaning sponge lets you use the same brush for multiple colors on one eye look — just swipe the brush around the sponge in between each shade to remove the old pigment. The sponge can be washed clean with warm water, and it comes in a convenient tin for easy travel.


Try This Cult-Favorite Top Coat For An Instant Manicure

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, $6, Amazon

This fast dry nail coat is a cult-favorite for a reason — it dries any home manicure in minutes. Better yet, you don't have to wait for your nail polish to get tacky, because it can be applied directly to wet nails. One reviewer writes: "This is the most amazing top coat I have ever used. It completely smoothed out the rough glitter polished, gave my nails a manicure finish and dried very quickly."


Get Sharp Liner Instantly With These Cat Eye Stencils

LKE 2 In 1 Cat Eyeliner Stencil, $6, Amazon

Nailing the perfect cat eye can be a struggle, but not if you have this cat eyeliner stencil. Each stencil has five different shapes – ranging from your classic wings, eyeliner on the bottom lash, and even a more dramatic cut crease. No matter what eye shape you have, these will help you get your makeup and eyeshadow right on the first try.


Prevent Fallout With These Shadow Shields

Original Shadow Shields, $8, Amazon

These shadow shields allow you to apply eyeshadow without worrying about the fallout getting all over your cheeks and face. They also help keep your bottom lid clear of product, if that's what you're looking for, so you don't end up with an automatic raccoon eye.


Master This Eyebrow Stamp For Perfect Brows Every Time

i-Envy by Kiss Brow Stamp, $12, Amazon

If you love Instagram-worthy brows but don't always have the time it can take to achieve them — try out this brow stamp. It's got stencils and brow powder to take the place of the brushes, gels, and pomades you use now. Reviewers note that once you try it out a few times, it works like a charm. One writes: "I was so skeptical about this product. After watching YouTube and reading others reviews I decided to try it. Wow! People it works. After a couple of tries I had great looking brows."


Wear A Clear Lip Liner That Works For Every Lipstick Shade

e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil — Clear, $7, Amazon

This lip liner pencil is completely clear, which means it can work with any lipstick shade — and you'll never have to seek out a matching liner color for a new lipstick ever again. The clear liner keeps lipstick in place all day without feathering, even with dark colors and liquid lipsticks.


Apply Foundation With A Small Makeup Sponge That Fits On Your Finger

The Makeup Bullet Finger Sponge, $15, Amazon

This makeup sponge fits securely on your finger — and it blends liquids, powders, and creams without leaving any smudges or streaks behind. Since it's so small, it's excellent for blending out creases and applying powder to the under eye area.


Spray On Your Nail Polish For A Speedy Manicure

Spray Perfect Nail Polish, $10, Amazon

No time to paint your nails — or maybe you're just over how long it takes?This spray nail polish takes literally seconds to coat your nails thoroughly and opaquely, and the excess product that gets all over your fingers washes right off with soapy water. Best of all, it dries in minutes.


Promote Healthy Eyelash Growth With Castor Oil

Pure Castor Oil, $12, Amazon

This organic pure castor oil can be applied gently to your eyelashes to protect them from the daily wear and tear of mascara. They'll keep them strong without any chemicals, and it also helps them grow longer and thicker. An eyelash curler just doesn't seem as necessary when you have naturally healthy and voluminous lashes, so this will save you some time in your routine. It can also help grow the hair on your head, too.


Fill Roll-On Bottles With Your Fave Perfume For Travel

Vivaplex Glass Roll-On Bottles, $7 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you love your perfume or essential oils and don't want to leave the house without them, these roll-on glass bottles make it easy to take your products with you on a day-to-day basis — and when you travel. Each bottle holds 10 milliliters and comes with a roller ball for easy application, while the whole set also comes with a dropper to help you fill the bottles up without making a mess.


Use Cuticle Guard For Fast Nail Polish Clean-Up

PUEEN Peel Off Cuticle Guard, $9, Amazon

This peel off cuticle guard is perfect for anyone who can't seem to paint their nails without coating their fingers with excess polish. Paint over your cuticles with the cuticle guard before you begin, and once you're completely finished, you can peel it right off for a professional-looking manicure.


Keep Your Makeup Products Where You Can See Them In This Travel Bag

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag, $33, Amazon

This cosmetic bag lays out to be a flat circle, so you can see all your cosmetics clearly laid out in front of you — which is especially useful for travel or those times when you're in a rush. It's safe for the washing machine, and it's even got pockets inside to keep brushes more sanitary.


Use A Double-Ended, Retractable Kabuki Brush

CHIC REPUBLIC Double Ended Retractable Kabuki Brush, $11, Amazon

This double-ended, retractable brush is two brushes in one: a fluffy kabuki-style brush for foundation and powder, and a pointed brush for eyeshadow, concealer, and blush. Plus, both brushes retract into their slim case, saving space on your vanity or in your makeup bag. The brushes are also vegan and cruelty-free.


Travel With A Foldable, Compact Makeup Mirror

DUcare Portable Folding Vanity Mirror, $9, Amazon

This folding mirror is totally portable, stands up on its own, and is easy to stash away in a bag so you can do your makeup anywhere you go. It's large enough to see your whole face but small enough to store, making it convenient for a hotel, office desk, or your home vanity,


Try An Eyelash Comb For Extremely Defined Lashes

Lash Factory Eyelash Comb And Eyebrow Brush, $13, Amazon

This combination eyelash comb and eyebrow brush perfectly separates your eyelashes — and it destroys clumps to make your lashes look voluminous with any mascara you use. Plus, it's dual-ended with an eyebrow brush that helps you groom and shape your brows the way you want them.


Use A Cool, Gel Eye Mask To Calm Puffy Eyes

TheraPearl Eye-ssential Mask, $9, Amazon

This eye mask is packed with gel beads, is super flexible, and can be heated up or cooled down for all sorts of uses. If you keep it in your fridge, you can pull it out in the morning and reduce any puffiness in your face or under the eyes. It's also beyond soothing and excellent for calming the skin around your eyes before applying makeup. It's non-toxic and latex-free as well.


Absorb Shininess With These Bamboo Charcoal Tissues

PleasingCare Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissues, $7, Amazon

These oil absorbing tissues save the day if you struggle with oily skin. They're made with bamboo charcoal, which not only helps absorb excess oil but also soothes your skin and prevents shine from coming back. These tissues work for all skin types, keeping you matte all day.

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