17 Gifts "Wonder Woman" Fans Are Guaranteed To Love
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Wonder Woman is officially the most successful superhero origin movie yet, with the film's box office passing the $821.74 million mark, according to Forbes, in early November. Not only that, but the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) stand out is still playing in theaters worldwide, months after its theatrical release, and it's rumored to be getting a heavy push for awards season. Needless to say, it has its fair share of devoted fans. And those fans are going to need presents this holiday season, just like everybody else. These 17 gifts for Wonder Woman fans are perfect stocking stuffers, Secret Santa exchanges, or gifts to put under the tree, by the menorah, or really anywhere you see fit.

If Wonder Woman's massive success tells us anything, it's that fans range over every demographic — every gender, every age, every ethnicity — which means that gifts for Wonder Woman fans need to run the gamut from movie merchandise to self-love inspiring jewelry. One thing all the gifts must have in common, however, is that they all inspire fans to follow in Princess Diana's footprints and smash the patriarchy. Warning: these gifts for Wonder Woman fans are so great, you might be tempted to keep them for yourself. Proceed with caution.


'Wonder Woman' DVD

Fans of Wonder Woman can never have enough, which means owning a DVD or Blu-Ray of the film is a necessity.

Wonder Woman Standard Edition Blu-Ray, $20, Amazon


Wrist Cuffs

This super cute Wonder Woman cuff comes in both gold and silver finishes, so you can mix and match with all the Wonder Women in your life this Christmas. It's a great, subtle way to declare your allegiance to Amazon Princess this holiday season, and all year 'round.

Wonder Woman Cuff, $48, Alex and Ani



Everybody needs a good pair of pajamas, even Wonder Woman. These official Wonder Woman PJs are a subtle nod to the superhero. Plus, both prints (one white, one baby blue) ditch the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme from the comics, which means you can wear them without fear of looking like an American flag.

Wonder Woman Poplin Sleep Pants, $40, Gap



There are plenty of knockoff Wonder Woman tiaras that look exactly like the headpiece Diana wears in the movie, but quality wise, the official Warner Bros. tiara and bracelet set is probably the best bet.

Wonder Woman Movie Tiara & Bracelet Set, $35, WBShop


Accessory pin

This Wonder Woman pin is a great stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift, or just something nice to give your friend who's having a rough time.

Enamel Wonder Woman Pin, $10, Etsy



Any Wonder Woman fan would be proud to rock these red and gold sneakers, guaranteed to give a person the confidence to fight the patriarchy on the daily.

Wonder Woman Metallic Hi-Top Sneakers, $50, ThinkGeek


"Straight Outta Themyscira"

Give the Amazon warrior in your life an easy and fashionable way to declare the place of her birth: the island of Themyscira.

Straight Outta Themyscira Women's Relaxed Fit T-Shirt, $29, Redbubble


Wonder Woman Onesie

Perfect for the Wonder Woman who has spent all of the particularly hellish 2017 fighting misogyny. She deserves a break.

Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Caped Lounger, $45, ThinkGeek


Wonder Woman Studs

These Wonder Woman stud earrings are great, because fans can mix and match however they like.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Stud Earring Set, $6, Hot Topic


'Wonder Woman' Poster

Remember why Wonder Woman single-handedly saved the DCEU with the help of this stunning 24 x 36 inch poster.

Wonder Woman Kneel Poster, $6, AllPosters


Hair Pins

Wonder Woman might fight with her hair down, but I think that most will agree it's easier to take down evil when there isn't hair flying in your face, hence some cute Wonder Woman hair clips.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Sword Shield Metal Hair Clip, $9, Hot Topic


Tank Top

It seems pretty obvious that every Wonder Woman fan wants to rep that fandom however, and whenever they can. What better way to do that than with this cute, grey racerback tank?

Wonder Woman Logo Tank Top, $25, Torrid


iPhone Case

A personalized Wonder Woman smartphone case will let fans rep their loyalty to the superhero while also asserting their membership in the Amazon army.

Customised smartphone case, $16, Etsy


Wonder Woman Notebook

Writing can be hard, but Wonder Woman fans might get the motivation they need to put pen to paper upon seeing this awesome Wonder Woman-inspired notebook.

Wonder Woman Spiral Notebook, $12, RedBubble


'Wonder Woman' Art

Have a friend who just moved into a new place? This minimalist Wonder Woman print, inspired by the instantly iconic "No Man's Land" scene from Wonder Woman, would make a great housewarming present. (The design comes in multiple sizes, but is $33 for a 24 x 16.5 inch-print.)

Minimalist Wonder Woman Print, $33, Etsy


Fingerless Gloves

Wonder Woman gloves will keep you warm and leave your fingers free to wield a sword with ease.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Fingerless Gloves, $7, Hot Topic


'Wonder Woman' TV Series

Gal Gadot may be most recognizable Wonder Woman of the 21st century, but before she brought the character to the big screen, it was Lynda Carter who was the physical embodiment of the most well-known female superhero. And this complete DVD box set of the Carter-starring Wonder Woman TV show will introduce newer fans to her legacy.

Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection DVD Box Set, $56, Amazon

Get ready to buy everything on this list for yourself. Whoops?