17 Gifts That Give Back — That Are Feminist As Heck

The current political climate, coupled with the recent barrage of sexual harassment and abuse allegations against powerful men in almost every industry, is mobilizing feminists to smash the patriarchy with their every move. With the holidays fast approaching, consider giving a gift that does double duty: These 18 feminist holiday presents also help support marginalized communities by giving back.

While giving and receiving gifts can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays, if I'm being honest, I don't want or need the majority of things that are given to me. In a world with too much stuff, the last thing I want is more stuff. However, what can make a gift meaningful is when it's something that I'll actually use, and also lifts others up. This feels like true giving because it's not just supporting capitalism, it's supporting people who are fighting to advance the rights of others. And, making life better by giving something that also has a positive impact on people's lives is really what the season of giving is all about.

If you want your gift to not only bring joy to the recipient, but to also contribute to making the world less of a dumpster fire, check out these feminist gifts that also give back.


revolucion Rachel Legging

revolucion Rachel Legging, $65,

Give back: Each pair of leggings sold provides schooling for human trafficking victims

I'm a big fan of revolucion, a yoga apparel company that donates part of every purchase to contributing to social good. Each item purchased includes a social giveback, like the Rachel Legging. Each pair of Rachel Leggings sold provides two days of school for a girl escaping human trafficking in Bangkok, Thailand. If you've got a feminist yogi in your life, this is a thoughtful way to give them a gift they'll love while also making a difference. There are men's options, too so you can give a gift to the man in your life while still supporting a feminist cause. I have two pairs of revolucion leggings, and I love them.


Anything From Shrill Society

Shrill Society, starting at $14,

Give back: Proceeds from some purchases benefit She Should Run

On the heels of the success of the Nasty Woman T-shirt, creator Amanda Brinkman is launched her own feminist brand called Shrill Society just in time for the holidays. Get the Nasty Feminist Card Game, which is designed and made by women, and is described as a fun social party game that harnesses the power of politics and popular culture to encourage more people to join the political conversation, especially women. And, for each sale of Nasty Feminist, 10 percent of the proceeds goes to She Should Run, an organization that encourages and supports women running for political office. There are also tons of other feminist gifts like clothes, accessories, cookware, and even candy.


MADI Apparel

MADI, starting at $64,

Give back: For each purchase, a pair of underwear is donated to a woman in need

When I was a newbie reporter in Maine, I was writing as story about items that local shelters were in need of, and the most requested item surprised me: Underwear. Because they can't be seen, this is the item that most people in need go without, an organizers told me. MADI, which stands for Make A Difference Intimate Apparel, donates a new pair of underwear to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters and rape crisis centers to help women get this basic necessity. If you're looking to give something sweet and sexy that's also socially conscious, undergarments and sleepwear from MADI are a great choice. While you might spend a little more with MADI, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your purchasing more than just underwear.


U Brands

U Brands, starting at $5,

Give back: Each purchase provides school supplies for a child in need

If you've got a recent graduate, someone starting college, or a friend who's beginning a new job on your holiday list, giving a gift from U Brands is a perfect way to get them started off on the right foot by giving them what they need while ensuring that a child gets the school supplies they need to succeed. U Brands products include office items, stationary, writing, filing and presentation tools, and novelty gifts. While giving a practical gift can sometimes be a yawn, these gifts are affordable, and they very #aesthetic, so they're totally Instagramable. And, you can feel good about that because you'll know that you're also helping a child get what they need for school.


Vessel Bags

Vessel, starting at $51,

Give back: For each bag purchased, a backpack is donated to a child in need

If you're getting someone school or office supplies from U Brand for the holidays, they might need a bag to carry all of their new swag in. Vessel is a company that offers some seriously sassy backpacks and bags for every taste, and for each bag purchased, Vessel donates a backpack to a child who needs one. And, when you customize your gift, you can be sure that the object of your affection is getting a truly unique design that's also giving back.



Tushy Bidet, starting at $69,

Give back: Each sale gives a family access to clean toilets

If you're a frequent traveler outside of the U.S., you've likely discovered that Americans are pretty far behind many developed countries when it comes to toilet luxuries. If someone on your holiday gift list is obsessed with having a fastidious backside, then Tushy is a doubly amazing gift. Tushy is a bidet attachment you can hook right onto your toilet in under 10 minutes so you can have that just showered feeling after every poo. And, you can take comfort in the fact that by gifting Tushy, a woman-owned company, you're not only giving your friend a cleaner bum, but you're also providing a family with one-month of access to clean community toilets in rural India.


CUCU SKETCH Bank Card Covers

CUCU SKETCH Bank Card Covers, $5,

Give back: Proceeds directly benefit homeless youth who created the designs

If you're low on funds, but still want to give thoughtful gifts that also give back this holiday season, the SKETCH collection of CUCU bank card covers are not only super Instagramable, they're all designed by homeless youth in Toronto. And, sales from the card covers, which only cost $5, go toward helping the kids who created them. If you've never heard of these things, they're pretty cool and guarantee that you'll never confuse your card with anyone else's. Putting a cover on your bank card won't alter the way you use it in any way, it just sets your card apart as a piece of art. You can see how SKETCH CUCU covers work on their website.


@Hat_Line Pa'lante Hat

Pa'lante Hat, $35, email

Give back: 100 percent of all profits go directly toward hurricane relief in Puerto Rico

If you want to do more to help those affected by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, all of the proceeds from this cap from Hat Line go toward hurricane relief. The hat reads pa'lante, which is a slogan popularized by the Puerto Rican social justice group The Young Lords that just means "forward," a slogan many have re-discovered after the hurricane. To get this hat, email and ask for the pa'lante hat.


Green Goo Beauty Products

Green Goo Beauty Products, starting at $7.45,

Give back: 5 cents from each purchase goes to a variety of causes

If your boo wants beauty products for the holidays, sustainable products from Green Goo products make great stocking stuffers and office gifts. 5 cents from every Green Goo purchase goes toward a number of worthy causes, such as World Vision, Mercy in Action, Mandela Foundation, Snowball Express, Summit for Soldiers, the Pacific Crest Trail, John Hopkins, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Keep a Breast Foundation, and Non-Toxic Revolution. Choose from everything from soaps, tattoo care, bath and body products, homeopathic first aid products, and more. All Green Goo items are all natural, and have been dubbed "food for your skin."


My Sister Amber Tamblyn Collection

My Sister Amber Tamblyn Collection Not Your Body Cropped Hoodie, $64,

Give back: A portion of every sale goes toward ending sex trafficking

Actor and poet Amber Tamblyn has a fierce feminist collection called Choir Up from My Sister, an apparel company that donates a portion of every purchase to end sex trafficking. Tamblyn's shirts, hoodies, and bags have already been showing up on Instagram being worn by the likes of American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson and Orange Is The New Black's Laura Prepon.


The Future is Accessible T-Shirt

The Future is Accessible T-Shirt, $15,

Give back: Sales allow the artist to continue advocacy work for the disability community

Created by Annie Segarra, The Future is Accessible campaign "is a call for visibility and intersectionality; it is a call to prioritize equity and accessibility, to remember the disabled people in our communities, to integrate them, to uplift them and their narratives," according to a statement from Segerra on Bonfire. Giving this gift for the 2017 holidays is a show of solidarity for people with disabilities that you can literally wear on your sleeve.


The Future Is Female T-Shirt

The Future Is Female T-Shirt, $30, Otherwild

Give back: 25 percent of the proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood

While this slogan has been popping up everywhere since the 2016 election, "The original 'The Future Is Female' T-shirt design was made for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City, which was opened in 1972 by Jane Lurie and Marizel Rios," a description on Otherwild noted. "The photographer Liza Cowan took a picture of musician Alix Dobkin, her girlfriend at the time, wearing it in 1975. The photograph was done for a slide show she was working on called: "What the Well Dressed Dyke Will Wear." 25 percent of the proceeds of each shirt from Otherwild is donated to Planned Parenthood, which is pretty great.


Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Shirt

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights Shirt, $39.95, Feminist Apparel

Give back: Shop by cause to decide which organization to donate to

A portion from all purchases from Feminist Apparel benefit causes that support women's rights, and you can even shop by cause. This Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights shirt designed by the Center For Reproductive Rights directly benefits women's reproductive rights.


Anchal Black Infinity Scarf

Anchal Black Infinity Scarf, $60,

Give back: Each purchase gives an artisan a job and health benefits

If you want to give your feminist friend a unique gift that gives back to women, this beautiful infinity scarf from Anchal's Living in Color Collection is a great choice. No two scarfs are alike so you can be sure your BFF will have the only one. The scarf is hand embroidered with delicate kantha stitches using the highest quality recycled cotton saris, according to the product description. And, a portion of each sale provides an artisan with a full-time job, health care benefits, design training, and educational workshops.


The Future Is Female Cuff Bracelet

The Future Is Female Cuff Bracelet, $30,

Give back: $5 from the sale of each bracelet goes to Planned Parenthood

Bird + Stone also lets you shop by cause for gifts that support women's health, education for girls, alleviating poverty, and climate change reversal. This The Future Is Female cuff bracelet is an elegant way to stand in solidarity for healthcare rights for women, a portion of all sales benefits Planned Parenthood.


Rayo Laptop Computer Case

Rayo Laptop Computer Case, $18,

Give back: Each purchase provides a job for an indigenous artisan

Everyone needs a computer case, and giving your friend a case that's one of a kind is a great way to show you appreciate their individuality. Also, this Rayo Laptop Computer Case is handwoven by Maya artisans, and every purchase provides a job opportunity to indigenous artisans in rural Guatemala.


Ruby Girl Feminist Necklace

Ruby Girl Feminist Necklace, $30, Etsy

Give back: $10 from every sale goes to Planned Parenthood

Give this sterling silver, hand stamped and cut Ruby Girl Feminist Necklace to your feminist friend for the 2017 holidays. This is a beautiful gift you can feel good about giving and they can feel good about wearing because $10 from every purchase goes directly to Planned Parenthood.

While holiday shopping can be stress-inducing, giving a feminist gift that also gives back can take the stress out of this activity and replace it with gratitude for all that you have. And, knowing that you're potentially changing someone's life will also give you the warm and fuzzy feels.