17 Inspiring Quotes From Books To Get You Through Finals Week

Summer break is so, so close, but there's one more challenge to overcome: finals week. The last stretch of the school year can be absolutely agonizing. But the good news is that you're nearly there, and these quotes from books might just give you that extra push to get you through to the end.

Finals are like the dragon waiting at the end of the story, and you're the hero. It's time to brandish your sword, summon your power, and kick some serious ass. I know, your workload right now is probably pretty overwhelming, but with hard work (and lots of coffee), there's nothing you can't do.

Literature is filled with stories of people overcoming great challenges. Think of Frodo taking the ring to Mordor or Katniss fighting her way through the Hunger Games. Whenever you're stuck or feel like you'll never make it through the school year alive, think back on those tales to summon your strength. Books have certainly proved to us that there is nothing you can't make it through.

Finals suck, but you're going to come out of this a champion. Remember: the end is near, and your hard work this week is going to pay off. Here are some quotes to keep you going during finals week.