17 Movies To Watch When You're Sick Of One Dimensional Female Characters

No matter how low your expectations may be for a film, nothing is worse than having to endure one dimensional female characters in movies. You know the kind I mean. They might be there just to progress the storyline of the main male character or they might have only two full lines of dialogue, but five full scenes of nudity. Well, it gets stupidly tedious. Thankfully, there are tons of movies that feature complex female characters to remind you that, hey, women can be portrayed as the complicated, fascinating humans we are in real life too.

The comforting thing to know is that, in recent years, there's actually been something of an influx of movies featuring multifaceted female characters. Slowly, but surely, the movie industry seems to be changing for the better. But until the day comes when complex female characters are the norm, then at the very least we have films like these in the following list, that we can enjoy when it feels like most filmmakers aren't portraying women properly. From horrors to comedies and animated classics to action blockbusters, these are all movies that provide relatable, complicated, and satisfying portrayals of female characters who are way more than one dimensional.