17 Outrageous Moments From 'Big Fat Liar'

by Allie Gemmill

How well do you remember the halcyon heydays of Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes, two stars who were blowing up in the early '00s? Perhaps watching their timeless classic, Big Fat Liar (which turns 15 years old this year), would help job your memory? Big Fat Liar is, like the title may imply, a totally wacky comedy that came out when many of us Millenials were just mischief-loving prankster ourselves. The film was a vehicle for Muniz and Bynes, both of whom were enjoying rising stars compounded by their work on Malcolm in the Middle and All That, respectively.

In short, Big Fat Liar is outrageous. The plot revolves around 14-year-old Jason Shepherd, who is prone to weaving fantastic lie to get out of trouble. In an attempt to avoid going to summer school, he writes a short story titled "Big Fat Liar," which ends up in the hands of sleazy movie producer Marty Wolf. When Jason finds out his idea was stolen, turned into a movie, and he was conveniently not given credit, he heads to Hollywood to convince Marty to give him credit and clear his name to his parents.

Full to the brim with out-of-this-world antics, the film remains infamous for turning its main antagonist, Marty Wolf, a deep shade of Smurf blue. But there were tons more outrageous, weird, and ridiculously "WTF?" moments in Big Fat Liar. Let's take a look back at some of the most notable ones.


Why Is Jason Lying Constantly?

I get it: Kids will be kids. But Jason's got a pretty cushy set-up, so the compulsive lying feels weird.


Why Is Marty Wolf In Michigan?

Why is there a producer at a film shoot in rural Michigan? Seems...illogical, no?


When Jason Makes Up His First Excuse

Dad choked on a meatball? Okay, Jason. We know you can do better than that.


When Marty Stole Jason's Idea For Big Fat Liar

If Marty was thinking of hare-brained ideas before Jason came along, then surely he didn't need to steal from him to get another one right?


The Entire Subplot Involving Grandma Rose

It was fun seeing Taran Killam flex his comedy muscles, but how could Grandma Rose mistake him for her granddaughter?


How Can Two Kids Fly To L.A. Alone?

You mean to tell me you saved enough money mowing lawns to afford two plane tickets, Jason? Really?


Chilling Out In A Backlot Storage Facility

That montage looked like Jason & Kaylee caused quite the ruckus. How did they not get noticed?


Dying Marty Blue

You mean to tell me Marty didn't look down at his body when he got out of the pool and saw that he was blue?


The Disastrous Birthday Party

Boy, professional clowns really deal with a lot of nonsense if that birthday party is any indicator.


Marty's Weird Relationship With Mr. Funny Bones

Having stuffed animals is cute but there was definitely more to the story of Marty's relationship with Mr. Funny Bones.


Messing With Marty's Car

Watching two kids re-wire the control panel of a car like it's no big deal is pretty insane.


All Those Urkel Jokes

Outrageous if only because they are so, so outdated.


Marty's Not Very PC Jokes

It's the film's goal to make Marty unlikeable, but sometimes his jokes really pushed the limit.


Why Does Everyone Know & Hate Marty?

Is Marty the only film producer in Hollywood? Is he the only person ruining people's lives?


The Big Helicopter Stunt

I may never know the point of freaking Marty out like that, but this was enjoyably over-the-top.


The Duel On The Backlot

Pretty good use of Western pastiche, if I do say so myself.


Jason's Story Still Gets Made

It still gets made after everything that's happened? Absolutely bonkers, my friend.