17 Target Dorm Items That Work Great In A Grown Up Apartment, Too

One of the best parts of graduating college and being an adult is finally getting the chance to decorate your own space. Whether it's a thumb-sized studio apartment or your first house, that space is yours to make your own. And surprisingly, back-to-school season is a good time of year to shop for home décor, because you can find some dope Target dorm items that actually look like they belong in your grown-ass apartment.

Seriously, Target's dorm game has always been strong, but these days the retailer has taken it to a whole new level. These days, you can shop for dorm décor based on eight specific style preferences. Target has styled these into virtual 360-degree rooms with shoppable links on their website. Talk about an immersive shopping experience.

It appears college students’ tastes continue to mature because Target’s dorm room offerings are legit nice. So I dug through this year’s offerings to see what we adults might like for our grown-up spaces. 'Cause, you know, why not save some dollars while you're making your home legit? I pulled a varied selection of products from each of Target’s eight styles, from décor to furniture to storage items. Here are my top dorm-to-grown lady life picks:

1. The Kind Of Wallflowers You Want to Have, Not Be

Opalhouse Porcelain Wall Sculptures


If you're a little bored with the print or painting look, these porcelain wall sculptures are a good option. You can hang them in practically any room to spruce up the look, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom.

2. The Transformer Of Ottomans

Room Essentials Ottoman with Tray


Smaller spaces will benefit from the multi-functionality of this piece. Not only can you kick up your heels on this ottoman, but you can also flip the lid over and use it as a tray and store stuff inside the base.

3. A Storage Bin That Doesn't Look Like A Storage Bin

Room Essentials Navy Decorative Bin


If clear plastic tubs aren't your thing when it comes to organization, you can go for more decorative options, such as this navy fabric bin with faux leather trim.

4. Beary Chic Bookends To Hold Up Your Media

Room Essentials Bear Bookends


Keep your books, magazines, or even your DVDs upright with these classy bear bookends. Weighing in at 2.36 pounds, they'll make sure your media stays in place.

5. A Two-Tone Clock For A Little Extra Pizzazz

Threshold Table Top Clock


Add a touch of eleganza to your décor with this two-tone silver and gold alarm clock. Place it on your nightstand, your desk, or even in your living room as an extra accent piece.

6. A Geometric Ceramic Wall-Hanging for Succulents Or Other Supplies

Project 62 Succulent Geometric Wall-Hanging


This ceramic wall-hanging was intended for succulents or herbs, but you could also use it to store lighter supplies, such as pens, pencils, books, or magazines.

7. A Metallic Wall Clock For That Industrial Look

Project 62 Brushed Metal Wall Clock


The brushed metal finish on this wall-mounted clock is great if you like an industrial kind of design to your home decor.

8. A White Geometric Rug With a Little Touch Of Blush

Room Essentials Blush Geometric Rug


Modern meets romantic with this white geometric rug in a soft blush. It's about 4 feet by a little over 6 feet, so it's a nice-sized rug to spruce up a bedroom or living room.

9. A White Stonewear Canister That Doubles as Decor and Storage

Hearth & Hand Stonewear Canister


With a simple design and a rubber seal, you can store your baking goods in this canister and use it as a decor piece. Two for the price of one!

10. A White Wooden Slat Headboard For An Updated Look

Room Essentials Modern Headboard


Did you know you can change the look of your extra-large twin (or, like, a queen) by just swapping out your headboard? Try this white wooden slat design for a classic look.

11. Pendant Ceiling Light That Doesn't Require Wiring

Room Essentials Swag Pendant Ceiling Light


This LED light is battery-powered, so no wiring required. Just hang it where you want it for some inexpensive decorative lighting.

12. A Wood and Metal Coffee Table That Doubles as Storage

Room Essentials White Wire Storage Table


That's right; this is a coffee table. It's made out of metal and wood, and then lid comes off so you can store stuff in it. Functional meets chic.

13. A Chic Cotton Basket To Store Basically Anything

Project 62 Gray Woven Basket


Use this cotton woven basket to store blankets, towels, magazines, extra charger cables, and lots more.

14. A Desk That Can Be Used As An Accent Piece

Room Essentials Hair Pin Desk


OK, yes a typical dorm comes with its own desk... but what about your first off-campus apartment? You can get a lot of uses out of this piece. Besides simply using it as a desk, you can use it in your living room as an accent piece behind your couch or right next to your front door.

15. A Nightstand With Loads of Storage

Room Essentials Modern Nightstand


Add this sleek, contemporary little number to your bedroom for some extra storage for your books, media, and nighttime fun items.

16. Greenery — No Watering Required

Project 62 Faux Plant


Want to green up your space but not sure you've got the time (or nurturing skills) to keep a plant alive? Pick up this succulent for less than $20 bucks with no watering required!

17. A Stand For Your TV Or Any Other Media You Enjoy

Room Essentials Locking Media Storage in Espresso Brown


This locking media stand can accommodate a 40-inch TV and up to 50 pounds, so you can use it to host your record player, stereo or other media devices. You can also store your music, movies, and games.

Decorating your space doesn't have to be super expensive. Sometimes you just have to look in unexpected places to find home decor items within your budget. Just because a sale is targeting a specific audience — in this case, college students — doesn't meant there might not be some great finds that are perfect for your home.