17 Cheap Dorm Buys At Target That Will *Also* Look Great In Your Grown-Ass Apartment

One of the best parts of graduating college and being an adult is finally getting the chance to decorate your own space. Whether it's a thumb-sized studio apartment or your first house, that space is yours to make your own. And surprisingly, back-to-school season is a good time of year to shop for home décor, because you can find some dope Target dorm items that actually look like they belong in your grown-ass apartment.

Seriously, Target's dorm game has always been strong, but these days the retailer has taken it to a whole new level. These days, you can shop for dorm décor based on eight specific style preferences. Target has styled these into virtual 360-degree rooms with shoppable links on their website. Talk about an immersive shopping experience.

It appears college students’ tastes continue to mature because Target’s dorm room offerings are legit nice. So I dug through this year’s offerings to see what we adults might like for our grown-up spaces. 'Cause, you know, why not save some dollars while you're making your home legit? I pulled a varied selection of products from each of Target’s eight styles, from décor to furniture to storage items. Here are my top dorm-to-grown lady life picks:

1. The Kind Of Wallflowers You Want to Have, Not Be

2. The Transformer Of Ottomans

3. A Storage Bin That Doesn't Look Like A Storage Bin

4. Beary Chic Bookends To Hold Up Your Media

5. A Two-Tone Clock For A Little Extra Pizzazz

6. A Geometric Ceramic Wall-Hanging for Succulents Or Other Supplies

7. A Metallic Wall Clock For That Industrial Look

8. A White Geometric Rug With a Little Touch Of Blush

9. A White Stonewear Canister That Doubles as Decor and Storage

10. A White Wooden Slat Headboard For An Updated Look

11. Pendant Ceiling Light That Doesn't Require Wiring

12. A Wood and Metal Coffee Table That Doubles as Storage

13. A Chic Cotton Basket To Store Basically Anything

14. A Desk That Can Be Used As An Accent Piece

15. A Nightstand With Loads of Storage

16. Greenery — No Watering Required

17. A Stand For Your TV Or Any Other Media You Enjoy

Decorating your space doesn't have to be super expensive. Sometimes you just have to look in unexpected places to find home decor items within your budget. Just because a sale is targeting a specific audience — in this case, college students — doesn't meant there might not be some great finds that are perfect for your home.