17 'Love Actually' Memes About Theresa May & Trump That'll Make You Choke On Your Tea

by Morgan Brinlee
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

How do you deal with a U.S. president who might just be trying to undercut you? Well, according to a number of Britons, you channel Hugh Grant's character in the romantic Christmas film Love Actually. Some Brits urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to respond to President Trump's undermining of her Brexit strategy by pulling a Love Actually moment at their joint press conference Friday. But Theresa May and Trump's Love Actually moment didn't happen, leaving Britons left to simply imagine how it might have gone down.

Shortly after The Sun published Trump's blistering rebuke of May's Brexit strategy, Britons began asking themselves one question: Had May seen the film Love Actually? In an interview with The Sun, Trump suggested May's Brexit plan would "kill" any potential U.S.-U.K. trade deal after claiming he'd "told" her how to handle Brexit, "but she didn't listen."

In the film Love Actually, Grant's character plays a newly-elected prime minister who, upon finding the U.S. president sneakily making a pass at his love interest, uses a press conference to stand up to his American counterpart. "I love that word relationship," Grant's character, David, says at a presser in response to the U.S. president's (played by Billy Bob Thornton) claim that the U.S.' "special relationship" with the U.K. "is still very special" as he'd got what he came for.

"Covers all manners of sins, doesn’t it?" Grant's character continues. "I fear that this has become a bad relationship. A relationship based on the president taking exactly what he wants, and casually ignoring all those things that really matter to Britain."

"A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend," Grant's character says in the film. "And since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward I will be prepared to be much stronger."

In real life, May sidestepped questions about Trump's interview with The Sun, leaving Britons to bemoan her missed Love Actually moment on social media.

We're All Thinking It

Indeed, a number of Brits appeared to share a desire to see their real-life prime minister draw inspiration from a fictional one.

It Begins With A Little Wiggle Of The Bum

With Trump's comments about May fresh on their mind, a number of Brits hoped their prime minister was starting her day with a little bum wiggle.

A Few Lines At Least

It appeared most Brits wouldn't hold it against May if she borrowed a few lines from the film Love Actually to use in her joint press conference with President Trump.

Has Theresa May Even Seen 'Love Actually'?

Many hoped the British prime minister had managed to see the film at least once in her life, and would thus know the only proper way to deal with a president like Trump.

Consider It Homework

A number of Brits urged May to "take a lesson" from Hugh Grant's character. They apparently see parallels between the relationship between the two countries in the movie and in real life.

Can We Get A Stand-In?

But some didn't believe May would be up for the task and wished instead that Downing Street would allow Love Actually actor Hugh Grant to stand in for the prime minister.

When Life Mimics Art

To borrow a few words from Queen's Freddie Mercury, "Is this real life or is this just fantasy?"

This Is Your Moment, Theresa

Brits' calls for May to grab her "Hugh Grant moment" increased as her press conference with Trump approached.

Just Imagine

With a little creative editing, the BBC helped viewers imagine what a May-Trump Love Actually presser might look like.

This Is Not The 'Love Actually' We'd Hoped For

Alas, many Brits were disappointed when May missed her opportunity to use a few choice quotes from a popular romantic comedy to put Trump in his place.

'Love Actually 2'?

The remake of Love Actually starring May and Trump was heavily panned by critics on social media.

What Might Have Been

Some Brits expressed dissappointment in their prime minister's decision to let Trump's remarks slide.

Wait, Has Trump Seen 'Love Actually'?

When President Trump described the U.S.' relationship with the U.K. as being at the "highest level of special" some wondered if he wasn't trying to steal May's Love Actually moment.

If Only...

Some Brits saw May's missed Love Actually moment as proof the country had elected the wrong person to serve as prime minister.

Or Maybe There Was A 'Love Actually' Moment After All

Others thought May came close to a Love Actually moment when she rebuked Trump's stance on immigration during the press conference.

More 'Handmaid's Tale' Than 'Love Actually'

Some Britons felt Trump's visit with May was feeling more Handmaid's Tale-esque than Love Actually.

Our Last Hope

Could the queen be Britain's last hope for a Love Actually moment? Not likely.