17 Things No Millennial Will Be Able To Resist Buying On Amazon


I'm normally much more of an in-house shopper, but plant me in front of a screen and show me an array of cute merchandise and I'm a goner. Online shopping is really a whole 'nother realm, as I'm sure anyone who's clicked that button like there's no tomorrow can attest to.

While I'd never promote irresponsible spending habits, I will say Amazon is the biggest godsend for every kind of random thing you could want to get but are too lazy to drive over to the store for. There are so many things no millennial will be able to resist buying on Amazon, from cute mugs that make your morning coffee happier to versatile accessories for your home decor. I never knew I needed things like a shower beer holder until I saw them on Amazon. It's no wonder we're all "TAKE MY MONEY" when it comes to Prime.

For us normies out there curiously perusing the selection, try sections such as Amazon Hot Picks that are constantly being updated with new products every day. I'm personally a fan of the "Awww" and "OMG" section, but there's also ones for practical use like "Daily Carry" and "Kitchen." There's something for any sort of shopper on Amazon — here's a sampling of items below for you to get started.

1. Monday To Sunday One Week Treatment Sheet Masks


Monday to Sunday One Week Treatment Sheet Masks, $21.86, Amazon

With these seven sheets that build on a killer skin routine, you can't go wrong. It also has a Monday to Sunday sleeping mask cream for maximal lush skin. All skin types can benefit from these guys.

2. GoLine Cat LED Children's Night Light


GoLine Cat LED Children's Night Light, $14.49, Amazon

It doesn't matter if you're actually scared of the dark — let this precious little kitty light up your night. Slumber parties with this cutie are going to be well lit, fam.

3. Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag


Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag, $10, Amazon

You'll probably find me trying to stuff my fridge full with Trader Joe's products during any given week, and now you can carry it all in a nice grocery tote. No more environmentally-unfriendly paper bags — this blue one has us covered. Plus, elephants just make the aesthetic, don't you agree?

4. Bread Plush Pillow


Bread Plush Pillow, $20, Amazon

For delicious dreams, pick up this very adorable pillow in the shape of a loaf of bread, with a cute face to boot. I dare anyone to see this in your place and not smile.

5. Toiletries Storage Box for Travel


Toiletries Storage Box for Travel, $10.50, Amazon

This functions as a container for your toothpaste, toothbrush, and gargle cup, too. You can just pack it all together and bam — all your stuff together and sanitary and aesthetically on point.

6. Wooden Folding LED Night Book Light


Wooden Folding LED Night Book Light, $34, Amazon

This USB rechargeable light is literally mesmerizing to look at. You can use it for its versatile ways of reading in the dark and watch the different patterns unfold.

7. Stuck On Ewe Sheep Push Pin Holder


Stuck on Ewe Sheep Push Pin Holder, $13.75, Amazon

This sheep holder doubles as an eraser and comes with 75 push pins, functioning as a perfect way to keep your Instagram cork board ~woolly~ organized.

8. Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser Strainer


Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser Strainer, $3.50, Amazon

This sweet product is perfect for steeping grain tea with minimal leak for a single cup. But remember it's specifically made for grain tea, so beware if loose leaf tea tea is what floats your boat (as the holes in the strainer don't bode well).

9. Foot Hammock


Foot Hammock, $13, Amazon

You don't need to sneakily drag an extra chair over to rest your feet now — you can just put up this awesome foot hammock to relax for an extra sec while you're at the office.

10. Rabbit Eye Mask


Rabbit Eye Mask, $18, Amazon

If you have trouble falling asleep, let this furry friend help you block out the light. It's plush, soft, and apparently is a relief on sensitive skin. Sounds like your brain won't be hopping around all night now!

11. Willy the Whale Sponge Holder


Willy the Whale Sponge Holder, $13, Amazon

This holder comes with two extra scrubbies for your dish cleaning needs, too! This isn't just cute, but super handy — it helps dry your sponges faster between uses.

12. Elephant Jewelry Ring Holder


Evelots Elegant Good Luck Elephant Jewelry Ring Holder, $14, Amazon

In line with how elephants have good memory, don't let yours fail you by making sure to put your favorite rings on his trunk. He'll keep them safe, and make it look effortlessly cute in the process.

13. Good Vibes Only Alien Mug


Good Vibes Only Alien 15 OZ Coffee Mug, $15, Amazon

The little green guy on this mug may just be helping you attract your new luck — or, hence the namesake, "good vibes." We could all use a little more of that in our lives.

14. Constellations Journal


Constellations Journal, $9, Amazon

To celebrate all us millennials who love astrology, get this journal to write down your innermost brooding Piscean/Aquarian/Cancerian tendencies. This gorgeous design from Peter Pauper Press will be sure to keep your insights as organized as possible (as someone who religiously buys their journals from this place).

15. Mint Cup And Saucer


Mint Cup and Saucer with Gold Handle, $23, Amazon

This Blair Waldorf-inspired aesthetic is too pretty to pass up. Sip your tea or coffee in total classiness with this teacup-plate ensemble.

16. Changeable Felt Letter Board


Changeable Felt Letter Board, $27, Amazon

Put your favorite motivational quote or a friendly reminder on here to get yourself jazzed for each day.

17. Rose Gold Pens


Rose Gold Pens, $10, Amazon

These rose gold pens will have you writing like royalty in no time — that is, when you aren't too busy Instagramming them.