17 Things Under $15 At Target You Won't Be Able To Resist Buying

There are few things that bring me more joy than saving money at Target. The place is consistently, unfailingly great. It always brings me joy, relaxation, and anywhere from 12 to 537 items I probably don't need in my life. The pure exaltation of casually strolling the aisles of Target, not a care in the world, is something that most of people raised in the suburbs can probably relate to. I fondly remember hanging out in Target, frappuccino in hand, as one of my favorite pastimes in high school... and, OK, also college. And, alright — yes, now too. When I go to my parents house for holidays these days, Target is still at the top of my list as somewhere I need to visit ASAP. And can you really blame me? There are just too many good deals to be had.

Below are 17 of the best deals and steals at Target right this moment — all of them under $15. Of course, I only included items we all really need in our lives, like a French bulldog-themed tape dispenser, rose gold cocktail shaker, and pencil holder with a lovely face on it. Whether you're looking for clothing, accessories, or just the perfect gift for that person you have no idea what to get, this list has you covered. Of course, perusing this assortment of items is nothing compared to the feeling of shopping in a real Target, but it'll do in the meantime.

1. 3-Wick Gold Ceramic Candle

3-Wick Gold Ceramic Candle Balsam Pine, $15, Target

This candle looks great on any coffee table, plus it seems like it smells amazing — a win, win.

2. Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder, $8, Target

It doesn't get more Instagram-friendly than this!

3. Slouchy Beanie

Slouchy Beanie, $5, Target

Everyone needs a gray beanie for fall, winter, and early spring, and this one is the perfect option at $5.

4. Gold Spatula

Solid Turner Spatula, $8, Target

There's something definitively adult about having items in your home that feel luxurious for no reason. Even if you don't have your sh*t together, this gold spatula says otherwise.

5. Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker

Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker, $6, Target

Hi, hello. Do you make cocktails? No. That's fine. Do you enjoy pretty things that make it appear as if you are the type of person who makes cocktails? Ah, yes. Me too. Here's the item for you.

6. Hey Sugar Mug

Stoneware Hey Sugar Mug, $4, Target

It's pink. It's pretty. It's $4. I will leave things there.

7. French Bulldog Tape Dispenser

French Bulldog Tape Dispenser, $13, Target

A desktop staple, really.

8. Marble Notebook

Marble Journal With Gold Foil, $7, Target

Nothing better than starting a to-do list to avoid actually doing things, and this is just the notebook to do so with.

9. Beaded Zipper Pouch

Beaded Zipper Pouch, $7, Target

Keep whatever you want in this little bag — makeup, toiletries, you name it.

10. Gold Hoop Earrings

Sugarfix by Baublebar Gold Hoop Earrings, $10, Target

So chic and versatile — and for only $10? Count me in.

11. Pajama Shorts

Women's Pajama Shorts, $10, Target

You know when you touch really soft clothes in a Target and you're like, "Wait, do I need these? I think I do suddenly..." These pajama shorts are that item.

12. Marble Pillar Candle Holder

Marble Pillar Candle Holder, $13, Target

Looking to elevate your candle game? This candle holder is the perfect way to signal that you've moved on from just stealing Yankee Candles from your parents house and hoping for the best.

13. Silky Pioneer Blouse

Women's Pioneer Blouse, $14, Target

I mean, who doesn't need a shirt named "silky pioneer blouse" in their closet, really?

14. Checked Tote Bag

Mossimo Tote Bag, $7, Target

Honestly, any bag that can carry all my crap (umbrella, wallet, keys, another set of keys, phone, headphones, etc.) is a good bag for me. Plus, this one is under $8 on clearance.

15. Plaid Scarf

A New Day Navy Burgundy Scarf, $17, Target

Blanket scarf for cold winter days and when it gets freezing in the office? Check.

16. Rose Gold Soap Dispenser

Glass Soap Pump Rose Gold, $13, Target

Trendy soap! Why not?

17. Ring Set

Womens' 10pc Geo Shape Rings, $13, Target

As someone who often loses tiny rings, but always wishes she had more laying around somewhere, this set is the answer to all of my jewelry problems.

Whether you're looking for the spatula of your Instagram dreams, a new scarf to keep you warm, or a rose gold cocktail shaker, Target has a little bit of everything — and it never, never disappoints.