18 Best FaceApp Tweets & Memes That Are Proof Everyone Loves The App As Much As You Do

In today's edition of "trying to keep up with what the kids are doing these days," let's talk about FaceApp: the tweets, the memes, and the dead-eyed smiling selfies. If you're even vaguely aware of social media trends, you've probably noticed that people are looking a little different lately — your friend who just graduated college posted a picture where she looks like an octogenarian, or your little brother suddenly appears to be a child again. It's all thanks to a little app called FaceApp, which alters photos of your face (or any picture, but obviously selfies are where the fun begins).

Developed by a team in St. Petersberg, Russia, FaceApp has become wildly popular in the United States this spring. With the app, users can change their apparent age, switch up their gender, and make themselves smile. Unlike the hundreds of other transformation apps out there, FaceApp's developers claim that they use "neural networks" to change the photo itself rather than simply applying a filter, so the result is more realistic. Some transformations really are uncanny, but others are a bit more on the ridiculous side of the spectrum. If you don't believe me, believe the internet — here are 18 of the best FaceApp tweets and memes so far.

1Making The Undertaker Smile

2A Glimpse Of Keats

3Reactions Are Far Better

4Anakin Makes A Lovely Old Dude

5I See What You Did There...

6Did You Know "Ecce Mono" Could Get Worse?


7A Meme Of A Meme


8Luke's Smile Is Totally Genuine


9Best Way To Spend Saturday Night

10Machiavelli Is Up To Something


11Credit Where It's Due

12Not Everyone Is A Fan

13This Will Haunt Your Nightmares


15"Orphan Black" Fans Understand

16Smiley Snape

17Ben Affleck Is Sad No More

18Dawson Cheered Up