18 Bizarre But Brilliant Nighttime Products That Stop You From Waking Up Sweaty

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There are tons of different factors that could be contributing to the fact that you've been waking up sweaty in the morning. Your hormones could be changing because of medications, diet, or age. Perhaps your pajamas or sheets are the cotton-equivalent of those moisture guarding plastic bags you store your sweaters in. Or, it's quite possible that your partner is a human radiator!

Whatever the reason, nothing ruins a gloriously sunny morning like waking up in a pool of your own perspiration. This is especially true for people who shower at night and have to head to work in whatever condition they wake up in.

I've written a fair amount about products to help you stop waking up sweaty, and even though some of them may be weird, there are a few fabrics and inventions that show up over and over again. And that's because they truly work. Reviewers can't believe how effective they are when it comes to keeping them cool and comfortable at night, and fresh and clean in the morning. Spoiler alert: You're going to be hearing a lot about bamboo in this article.

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