18 Brilliant Last-Minute Gifts To Buy The Person You Forgot To Shop For

If you just realized that you need to get a gift for somebody, don't feel guilty — we've all been there. Whether somebody unexpected got you a holiday present, you forgot a loved one's birthday, or you were invited in the eleventh hour to the wedding for a new friend, finding the perfect last-minute gift is no easy task. Not only are there tons of great presents to get somebody who you accidentally neglected to shop for, those gifts can be unique, personal, and brilliant. You just need to know where to look.

Amazon is a really incredible resource for this type of thing because it's got a mind-blowing selection of great gifts, and the shipping is pretty much always fast and reliable, so even if you're ordering a few days prior to an event or special day, you can still find a solid offering. If you're really in a bind, they've even got options for one-day shipping, so you can rest easy knowing that your gift will be on your doorstep by the time you have to leave for the party.

Here are some of the most original and genius present ideas that are all over people's wish lists, so you know for a fact that they'll be a total home run with your friends and loved ones.

1. This Charging Lamp With Some Really Epic Features


Newhouse Lighting LED Charging Desk Lamp, $29, Amazon

Snaking your phone charger behind your bedside table is a pain, but with this Newhouse Lighting LED charging desk lamp? Never again. The base has a port for charging your tablet or smartphone, and it's also got really epic features like a five-point touch dimmer, a bulb that uses 90 percent less energy, and a flexible neck that can bend any which way for students, reading, or crafting corners.

2. For The Person Totally Obsessed With Pizza


Sagaform Pizza Scissors, $17, Amazon

Whether your gift receiver loves to make pizza all the time or simply loves to have a fully-stocked kitchen supply kit, these pizza scissors are a unique and smart gift to give.

3. A Great Bluetooth Speaker For Sports, Travel, Or Showers


Alienwave Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $35, Amazon

Not only is this Alienwave Bluetooth speaker waterproof, wireless, dust-proof, and shockproof, but it's got a convenient little built-in hook that makes it easy to hang on backpacks, shower rods, and bike handles. People love the volume control on the speaker and the loud, clear sound that they can take anywhere with them.

4. Everyone Loves Wine And Elephants


Gifts & Decor Playful Elephant Decorative Wine Holder, $23, Amazon

Everyone loves wine and everyone loves elephants. Needless to say, this Playful Elephant wine holder is an awesome gift for any counter or home bar. It's got over 200 rave reviews because it's really sturdy, wildly cute, and holds all different sizes of bottles with ease.

5. A Tiny Travel Iron To Look Smart On The Go


Collar Perfect Travel Iron, $35, Amazon

An amazing idea for just about anyone who needs to look smart in a pinch, this Collar Perfect travel iron has six heat settings and flip out wings, so you can use it as a clamp on collars or a tiny portable iron on the rest of your garments. Reviewers love that it's compact, easy to use, and works on all different types of fabric.

6. This Smartly Disguised Flask For The Furtive Drinker


Kikkerland Chemistry 101 Flask Book, $16, Amazon

Whether they're a chemistry geek or just a furtive drinker, this Kikkerland Chemistry 101 flask book is an innovative take on the typical flask. It's made from durable stainless steel and it comes smartly concealed in a fake book, so you can keep your favorite liquor on hand in your backpack or on your shelf.

7. Print Amazing Photos Right From Your Smartphone


Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer, $169, Amazon

A smartphone full of photos is one thing, but with the Fujifilm Instax Share smartphone printer, you can actually do something with them. This ultra-portable and super powerful little printer gives you ridiculously clear and colorful prints straight from your phone or tablet using Bluetooth and Wifi technology.

8. These Innovative And Professional Makeup Brushes


USpicy Professional Makeup Brushes, $40, Amazon

High-quality makeup brushes are a phenomenal gift, and these USpicy brushes are both luxurious and a joy to use. They have top-class bristles as well as a 90 degree bendable handle to get the most even coverage from any foundation or color, and they come in a set of ten so your friend can tackle any look, anytime.

9. This Awesome Gift For The Old-School Writer


QWERKYWRITER, $195, Amazon

If you know a writer whose soul aches for the old-fashioned charm of typewriters (and gets pissed at their touchscreen keyboard on a regular basis), this QWERKYWRITER makes for a genius gift. It's a rechargeable all-aluminum body typewriter keyboard that wirelessly hooks up to your tablet and even has a stand for it -- all so you can feel significantly more legit while typing out your next novel on your tablet.

10. The Perfect Bag For Regular Travelers


Flight 001 Rothko Hidden Compartment Duffel, $55, Amazon

Not only does this chic duffel bag feature a padded sleeve that fits a 15-inch laptop, it also has a sneaky hidden bottom compartment with a cheeky message ("GO AWAY") for anyone who's not the owner of the bag.

11. This Cute Door Stopper For Any Housewarming Party


Love Lives Here Door Stopper, $12, Amazon

Filled with sand, this super sweet Love Lives Here door stopper makes for a really good anytime-gift or housewarming present, and it's all over people's wish lists. It's made with a durable canvas material and it weighs approximately two pounds, and with the charming rope handle, it's easy to move in front of any open door that you want to stay that way.

12. This Adorable Colander Spoon With A Personality


Ototo Mamma Nessie Colander Spoon, $19, Amazon

I'm entirely in love with this adorable Ototo Mamma Nessie colander spoon, which has little feet to keep itself upright in the pot, a BPA-free material with holes to let the liquid drain out, and a beyond cute head that pokes out of your cooking.

13. These Handmade And Personalized Vegetable Markers


Ceramic Vegetable Garden Markers, $26, Amazon

If your recipient is a gardener, these handmade ceramic vegetable garden markers are both beautiful and practical. Since they're made to order, you can choose any three vegetable labels and your three colors to personalize based on the particular garden, and they're durably build to withstand any weather.

14. This Quirky Pineapple Bed For Someone's Pet


Pineapple Pet Bed House, $40, Amazon

Everyone knows that the easiest way to get on someone's good side is pampering their favorite pet. This quirky yet genius Pineapple Pet Bed House comes in small and medium for different sized cats or dogs, and it has plush soft cushions to keep them warm and comfortable even when the weather is anything but tropical.

15. This Taster Kit For The Coffee Aficionado


Bean Box Seattle Deluxe Coffee Tour Gourmet Sampler, $79, Amazon

If you need to buy for a coffee aficionado, this Bean Box coffee sampler is the way to go. Each box comes with 16 signature flavors to try out, and it comes alongside roaster profiles and tasting notes so the recipient can get a feel for all the notes and aromas, allowing them to sharpen their palette.

16. A Clever Breakfast Maker For Morning People


Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic 3-In-1 Multifunctional Breakfast Center, $33, Amazon

If you know someone who's a serious morning person (or just loves to eat breakfast at any time of day), get them this vintage-inspired baby blue breakfast center that cooks toast as it makes coffee.

17. Have A Comfortable Seat At The Ready Wherever You Go


Crazy Creek Chair, $22, Amazon

Whether you're shopping for a traveler, camper, sports enthusiast, or avid concert-goer, the Crazy Creek Chair is the answer you're looking for. It's a portable fold-up chair that uses your body's own weight to hold you up, and it's got adjustable straps to personalize your seat. It's also waterproof with easy-fold handles, so keep this in the back of your car, and you'll never have to sit on wet grass ever again.

18. For That Indecisive Person You Know


Natico Decision Maker Paper Weight, $20, Amazon

Everyone's got that one friend who cannot make a decision to save their life, and this cute paper weight is a fun spin on the classic Magic 8 Ball. This Natico Decision Maker paper weight takes care of it. It's got a classy silver chrome finish that looks great on any desk (and on top of any papers), but if a difficult decision arises, your friend can just give it a whirl to figure out exactly what to do next.

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